Climate Change

Every government body and nation across Earth seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of ‘Climate change’. But while listening to various scientific bodies trying to substantiate EXACTLY how climate change correlates or attributes to certain natural events like: Sandstorms, Hurricanes, Glacier Melting…they all sound like they do not know what they are talking about. As if climate change is an escape goat.

Then it hit me. An escape goat to what?

The fiery furnace of Hell heating up.


For all those who say and believe such things like the following:

1- I’ll never believe in a God that would send people to a place where they would burn.

2- I’ll never believe in a God, who would be so cruel.

3- I don’t believe in Hell. A God of love would never create a place like that.

I would like you to know I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHY you would believe such things. I myself did as well. Why? Because I grew up listening to believers who thought they knew God’s Word, but in reality they only knew what somebody else told them or taught them with the bible.

They even used the bible to convince me the points I mentioned were true. But the reason they were able to pull the wool over my eyes is because up to that point I was the same as those I was listening to. It wasn’t until I began reading and studying God’s Word for myself- just me and God- that I began understanding the whole idea of religion. Religion the way we understand it now is church, and going to church. When in reality Religion has nothing to do with church. Religion is denominations which are man made created label that distinguish apart instead of bring together and unite by Faith.

1- Fire exists on Earth. There is no disputing that. Which is why every parent on Earth warns their children- “Don’t get too close to the fire or it will burn you.”

Is that not the exact same thing God has done and is doing? He loves us and that’s why He has warned us how to avoid finding ourselves there and being hurt. Exactly the same way we have warned our children and our parents have warned us. You don’t see anyone going around blaming their parents when their hands get burnt, do you? We understand it was our fault for playing with the fire to begin with.

2- Therefore, nobody can say God sends people to Hellfire. We jump in the car and drive ourselves there. He has even provided us a life manual with instructions on how to avoid it.

3- It is when a person stops listening to other people explain the bible to them, and when they themselves begin reading it, that they begin to understand Truth. It doesn’t take a genius, all it takes is a sincere heart.

Below are just two examples of hell being real. In the first one we read God’s Word clearly stating He will destroy them like He did the city of sodom and gomorrah. In case you don’t know, A REIGN OF FIRE fell down upon the city and wiped them out.

In the second we see a screen shot of chapter one of the book of Amos: examine how many times God declares what he is going to do and how- with Fire.

Now, also pay close attention to what is in parenthesis. Before you go off and say what a cruel God, read what they are guilty of. Anybody who wakes up and finds themselves in hell, will belong there. God doesn’t get it wrong. He pleads and He pleads, and He waits and He waits, but we keep on doing the wrong things. Until enough is enough.

God bless.

Published by Benmadley777

My aim is to help others make sense of their own lives, by sharing the failures and misfortunes of mine. Misfortune and failure lead a man to the unmistakable clarity of his deception- That there is no need, nor room for God, because he himself is self sufficient, well educated, rich and capable. The more the man stays his ground, holding fast to his position- the more suffering he shall bring into his life. Suffering is the ground upon which elimination of the false occurs and perception of the Truth begins. After enough time is spent courting Misery, Pain, Humiliation, Slavery, Emptiness, one seeks to stop the bleeding. Some men prefer to bleed their way to death rather than admit their ignorance; that their way will never work. While other men, surrender, which is the beginning of knowledge. By surrendering the man does not fall, he rises and steps foot upon the path of Eternal Wisdom and Truth. It is the path that leads to Eternal Life- the pursuit of knowledge, is the pursuit of Almighty God- Man's Creator. *If you have questions, concerns, need direction, prayer, you may email me.* I do not charge for what Almighty God has given me freely.

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