“If your aim is to add credibility to your message, site, or body of work; then stop posting pictures of yourself.

If your aim is for people to like you- then by all means post all the pictures of yourself you’d like. They will love you. But they will never believe you or trust you.”

Published by Benmadley777

My aim is to help others make sense of their own lives, by sharing the failures and misfortunes of mine. Misfortune and failure lead a man to the unmistakable clarity of his deception- That there is no need, nor room for God, because he himself is self sufficient, well educated, rich and capable. The more the man stays his ground, holding fast to his position- the more suffering he shall bring into his life. Suffering is the ground upon which elimination of the false occurs and perception of the Truth begins. After enough time is spent courting Misery, Pain, Humiliation, Slavery, Emptiness, one seeks to stop the bleeding. Some men prefer to bleed their way to death rather than admit their ignorance; that their way will never work. While other men, surrender, which is the beginning of knowledge. By surrendering the man does not fall, he rises and steps foot upon the path of Eternal Wisdom and Truth. It is the path that leads to Eternal Life- the pursuit of knowledge, is the pursuit of Almighty God- Man's Creator. *If you have questions, concerns, need direction, prayer, you may email me.* I do not charge for what Almighty God has given me freely.

2 thoughts on “Credibility

    1. People will always say ‘dont judge’ when they take it personal and they are ‘personally convicted’ and they are not yet ready to ‘change’ that area of their lives. You are smart, beautifully creative, knowledgeable, dedicated, attractive, and I barely know you. Intelligence belongs to being young…20-35 years old. Wisdom belongs to God- who is Eternal. The older we get the more failures, mistakes, errors, catastrophes, we have had…each time we get an opportunity to reflect and try to change that from happening again. When you are young, fuck it…you have your whole life ahead of you…let’s do it over and over…that’s when we say ‘dont judge’. We actually believe that’s what the person is doing. Until years go by- and we learn they were not. By that time, we look around for them and they are gone. Then we wish we still had them around. Only if they could see me now, the change I’ve made. Now it’s our turn to pass the torch. [In a research paper- one would not include images of themselves, but of the evidence.’ ]
      Does The Bible Have Pictures? Why not? The bibles that do have pictures is not because they were needed to substantiate and reinforce the evidence as true. Yesterday when I went to the link you shared- in the first minute of hearing your message, you have no idea- of all the things that went through my mind- questions- I wonder if she is single, wow she is attractive, omg her voice it’s seductive…. While at the same time focusing on the message. I did not want to hear nor see you, or hear the way you talked, that is NOT my interest. So as a result I got two minutes in and hit exit. You want people to see you, to hear you, when they should not have to- instead of the merit of what you say or write. But then again, you aren’t after Truth. You after an audience.


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