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I remember when I first began listening to Christian music, it was just that-music. Like any other genre. I did not seek out Christian music because the last thing I wanted to do was feel bad or guilty. My first mission in life was to feel good, to experience all the pleasure I could imagine and more. Christian music would spoil the ambience. I needed some music to SIN to, to impress the ladies to, and most importantly- to party to. I needed some rock n roll to boost the atmosphere. To electrify and magnify how much of a bad boy I was- which is the male equivalent of make up.

I remember meeting folks and after getting to know them discovering all they listened was Christian music. That left me dumbfounded. “Huh? That’s all you listen to, period?”

I could not understand because I was not about living right. I was about living wrong while trying to appear as if I was living right. I was too busy trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes so they wouldn’t see the real me- the vain, selfish, liar I was. All the while believing I was pulling it off.

Yet the trouble in my life continued pilling up. Tickets, unpaid tickets, warrants, jail time, debt, fired here, fired there, fired everywhere in the county it seems. Pain, embarrassment, broken heart after broken heart, and the mountain continued building until I had built my very own colossal mountain range. Named after me. A spectacular DE-FEAT.

During the most difficult times in my life, when I was being harassed by evil entities every single night, including hellish nightmares anytime between midnight and 5am, sleep was no where to be found. One disturbance after another. I recall every day as the afternoon worn on, I would begin looking at my watch because I knew night time was coming. My anxiety skyrocketed. I woke up screaming countless times, unable to breathe, and knowing when I woke up this way- I could feel them laughing and carrying on at my expense.

Eventually things did begin to take a turn for the better.

Slowly, one song after another, after visiting one church after the other, after reading one bible chapter after another, and over the course of many years I began to make the transition from listening to all other genres of music to Christian Music.

It was during those nightly episodes that Almighty God led me to discover the power of protection in Christian Music. Needless to say, not all Christian music that is out there, there are so many fake artists who only care about money and fame, who by listening to their music won’t protect you at all.. their songs will just make you feel good for a moment or two or even worse point you in the wrong direction and into serving something that isn’t God at all.

The Protective Power found in worship music is three fold. #1 Immediate protection and relief arrives to those who seek God, who lean on Him not just during their troubled times but seek him all the time/ more and more as they learn about Him. #2 sincerity of the heart of the artist. #2 The sincerity of your own heart, both in relation to God and living the best you can each and every day.

A customized list of your favorite Christian songs, automatically with time turns into a Worship List, and Our Father in Heaven who is always Faithful will guide you and show you the Protective Power found within it’s walls.

During the most intense times of warfare and spiritual attacks, I learned to have my playlist on repeat. Soon, it became first nature to have Christian music playing throughout the day, and then to sleep to at night. Before I knew it, and without realizing I became one of those believers I could never understand.

Now I do. And I give thanks to Almighty God for guiding me every step of the way. May He guide you as well during your hardest times, In Jesus name, we pray, Amen. May razor sharp discernment be added to you each day, by the daily sharpening that occurs through daily reading of His Living Word, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. May the Holy Spirit discernment be your protective guard, place on The Helmet Of Salvation each and every day to be reflective of all the things you do not need and be receptive of all the things you do need, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Published by Benmadley777

My aim is to help others make sense of their own lives, by sharing the failures and misfortunes of mine. Misfortune and failure lead a man to the unmistakable clarity of his deception- That there is no need, nor room for God, because he himself is self sufficient, well educated, rich and capable. The more the man stays his ground, holding fast to his position- the more suffering he shall bring into his life. Suffering is the ground upon which elimination of the false occurs and perception of the Truth begins. After enough time is spent courting Misery, Pain, Humiliation, Slavery, Emptiness, one seeks to stop the bleeding. Some men prefer to bleed their way to death rather than admit their ignorance; that their way will never work. While other men, surrender, which is the beginning of knowledge. By surrendering the man does not fall, he rises and steps foot upon the path of Eternal Wisdom and Truth. It is the path that leads to Eternal Life- the pursuit of knowledge, is the pursuit of Almighty God- Man's Creator. *If you have questions, concerns, need direction, prayer, you may email me.* I do not charge for what Almighty God has given me freely. Bhines7165@gmail.com

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