Adding Value- A Step Toward Change

We must understand the value in something, in order to follow it. ~Humanity

This morning as I was in the shower contemplating the changes I need make, a simple truth was revealed. One that many may already know, but it remained hidden from me for 40 years.

The simple truths of Life are derived from Truth, itself.

John 14:6

Jesus spoke: “I am the Way, The Truth, and I am Life.”

Yet these simple truths of Life are not understood by the most educated and intelligent men. Because schools do not teach them, Life does.

And as we have read above, Life is Jesus Christ.

Intelligence belongs to: crafty, witty, articulate, artistic, charming, funny, charismatic, ability, skill, comprehension, etc

Simple Truths belong to Wisdom. Wisdom is ageless. Wisdom is Eternal. Wisdom always has been, and always will be. Wisdom is therefore, experience built upon experience, through living through one failure after another failure, until one day – success arrives and wisdom born.

Wisdom is therefore not only an experience but one that adds gain,growth, it is not an empty staircase that stands by itself and leads to no where- only serving to go up to the top and then back down to the starting point.

Wisdom is a stairway that leads to the front porch of Jesus Christ. Where one will find the most delicious summer tea, made from the purest living water known to man. The sugar- is NOT refined, it is DIVINE, it is His Eternal Love. No need to rip open any sugar packets here, it’s all ready mixed in, exactly like you like it- ‘just right’ because He is JUST&RIGHT.

Best of all, Wisdom Himself, Truth Himself, Life Himself, will be your host.

Why follow Almighty God?

Simple- Take a walk outside and look around. Any trip to into nature leaves a person in awe of such extraordinary design, order, and beauty.

That’s why.

Do you know of another architect, engineer, or inventor like Him?

Almighty God is WISDOM ETERNAL. He has always been, existed, and always will.

Man, it takes me 40 years to see and discover ONE SIMPLE TRUTH that has always been there.


Take my 40 years and one simple truth and stand it up next to ETERNAL WISDOM, and its like learning the first word in a dictionary that never ends.

One can’t even get to the end of the words that begin with letter A. This dictionary you can’t even hold. It’s too big. All you have to do to access it, is kneel down and pray.

Instant access. No passwords. No fee’s. No monthly charges. Instant revelation. Instant courage and inspiration. Best of all- no errors.

A perfect, never ending dictionary- sublime.

In order to lead, we must learn to follow:

John 1:1

“In the beginning the Word was, the Word was with God, and the Word was ALMIGHTY GOD.”

Published by Benmadley777

My aim is to help others make sense of their own lives, by sharing the failures and misfortunes of mine. Misfortune and failure lead a man to the unmistakable clarity of his deception- That there is no need, nor room for God, because he himself is self sufficient, well educated, rich and capable. The more the man stays his ground, holding fast to his position- the more suffering he shall bring into his life. Suffering is the ground upon which elimination of the false occurs and perception of the Truth begins. After enough time is spent courting Misery, Pain, Humiliation, Slavery, Emptiness, one seeks to stop the bleeding. Some men prefer to bleed their way to death rather than admit their ignorance; that their way will never work. While other men, surrender, which is the beginning of knowledge. By surrendering the man does not fall, he rises and steps foot upon the path of Eternal Wisdom and Truth. It is the path that leads to Eternal Life- the pursuit of knowledge, is the pursuit of Almighty God- Man's Creator. *If you have questions, concerns, need direction, prayer, you may email me.* I do not charge for what Almighty God has given me freely.

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