Growing In Understanding

1 Samuel Chapter 15

This Chapter speaks of the importance of obedience. The Lord commanded Saul to carry out what He commanded, this is after selecting and anointing Saul as King. Saul was provided instruction to annihilate all of the Amalekites. All of them- men, women, children, even the animals, however Saul took it upon himself to spare the king, Agag, and the best animals. When Saul was asked by Samuel why he decided to spare the animals he replied “…so that I may make an offering with them to the Lord.” Even if that was the true reason in his heart, it was not what God commanded of Saul.

At times our heart either for noble causes or less, willingly elects to obey in the manner we think is best, in effect not following God’s command or instruction exactly. We deem ourselves more capable by doing so. It demonstrates we believe we know what is best in the circumstance and thereby we minimize and push aside God’s wisdom and vision. Through experience over and over again it has been made clear to each one of us that our vision is full of shortsightedness and insight, yet our hearts beckon us to listen to it and it’s noble desire’s instead of God’s.

We tend to get frustrated, even furious at times with those we have elected to help us. How many times have we asked someone for a favor and specifically took time to emphasize to them the importance of following “these” instructions, only to find out later they did not.

“It was only one small step..” They explained.

Yes, but it completely changed our desired outcome and what we hoped for is now maybe not possible at all. Now we feel angry and foolish for ever having considered asking that person to help. All they have managed to do is make matters worse.

Alot of the times the cause of “skipping a step” is related to not being fully aware or informed of the situation, what is at risk, and the potentional outcomes. In some circumstances time is not an affordable luxury; preventing all the small little details from being relayed or protecting us from the things we need know not.

If we willingly chose to help we should be willing to follow lead as requested. We should remember the favor is not for our benefit it is for the one we decided to help. Now as for matters related to God, let us remember it is Almighty GOD, not a neighbor, peer, or family member.

Is is not an awful gut churning moment when our initial award winning high of goodwill is stripped away and turned into unbelievable dismay, when we realize our decision to not follow all the steps has turned into a complete nightmare for someone else. All we wanted to do was help and now we’ve made matters worse.

At the end of Chapter 15 the last verse says:

“..And the Lord regretted that he had made Saul king over Israel.”

Imagine being Saul and discovering those words. The agony.

“May we grow together in understanding while deepening our appreciation for why it is you so highly esteem obedience. Make it clear to each of us why you, Lord, request this of us in each of our lives. May we elect your will and commands over our own. May we remember it is, We, who have asked, You, to make your will known to us, and it is, We, who have petitioned, You, to weave us into your grand glorious plan. So, let us take our trust in ourselves and be willing to lay it aside while learning to place our trust in you and you alone, that we may have the courage to follow, exactly, what it is you have requested and commanded of us. May all those reading this be Blessed by God, taking confidence that this is His work, to share upon us. In Jesus name, We pray. Amen.”



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