Morgellons Symptoms, Help, Tips, Relief

I posted this to help others that are suffering. Its a snippet that I posted to someone’s site and figured I’d post it here. Feel free to reach out if needed.


Some other helpful information about symptoms are:

The first three months or so are the worst. During this time you will experience and observe the most unusual symptoms.

*Your body’s electromagnetic field is altered, not sure in which way, however I can testify that what will happen for a period of time is that you will become sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Electric power lines. Buy magnetic shields if you work in a office environment. It is a must to combat the cognitive impairment, laptops and computer monitors are the worst during this time. Your hands will feel like magnets if you face them close to one another and pull apart. In the dark, you will be able to see a new property that appears to be like a brown, stick aura gel around the baseline of your fingers.. kind of weby. I have no clue what this is.

*Strange but true- you will attract bugs, flying insects, etc.. for a brief time period.. you will feel like your a mosquito light. Bugs will suddenly start flying into you. I am dead serious. Bizarre but true.

*The specks already spoken of, black granules that appear to be like pepper.. come from chin, hands, not sure what other locations.. but you can wipe your hands chin with a cleansing oil and sit and wait for a minute and you will see these granules appear.

*The bothersome gnat plays a role. Not sure what role it plays, but I know it does. I believe there is a life cycle to morgellons. You will begin to see the cycle cause your living it. And here is where you will notice these gnats, when everything is clean and there should be no gnats. Makes you feel awfully disgusting and dirty, since you wind up realizing the gnats are being generated from you. Ear canals births. Disgusting I know. Believe its a 28 or so day cycle.

*Products that work that I do not get any money to endorse what so ever, this is from sole experience _ Candex, reduces cognitive impairment -treats fungus.. and I dont care what this articles says.. I’ve seen the fungus growth personally after I sat in a seat for a while, and moved I personally saw the growth of fungus in the seat.

*Alot of other symptoms, just bare with them.. the crawling subsides. Get you a toxin cleanser of some sort. A good earth clay works or zeolite. Put clothes in plastic bin, wash with oxyclean and let the clothes soak for 30mins in the hot water with oxyclean. Helps alot.. because whatever it is, you can feel immediately once you put the clothes on.. it feels like a invisible worm in the clothes, that was not killed during a wash and you can feel it, completely disgusting, but it is what it is.

* any questions comments … email me or comment.. im here to help.

*one of the most bizarre symptoms- any injuries that occur to skin or body during this time- they heal yes, but it seems to heal in a different way, like with artifical skin or something akin to it.. i dont konw how to explain this or know more of it.. however another thing.. i would take a shower and prior to getting in obviously you see the tub and whether its clean or not or whether there is hair.. i have a white tube old fashion… now after getting out of the shower I would find long hair that was not mine, and after inspecting it.. half of the hair on one end was what appeared to be a dog hair, and the other half human….now I cant explain this.. my only theory is that it was a attempt to generate or replicate dna and in the process produced a hybrid hair.. i have no f clue…your theory is as good as mine. I still have these samples.

*** and the best one of all to help is this one– go to walmart and buy plastic sheet roll, they have different sizes and thickness.. dont go too cheap.. spend the 3$ and get the extra mm. thickness.. place this on your mattress and tape it or get it on the mattress good, and once you get a decent night sleep without the incessant crawling all over you, you will message me saying thank you. Yes, you will look insane and crazy to all your family and peers, but who gives a F, its you that’s not sleeping and tossing and turning all night, so once you’ve suffered enough then youll say F what they think, I want my G d sleep at night. Go get the plastic. Cause throwing away mattresses every few months is not going to get the job done.

** and stop reading all the conspiracy bsh** out there, it only feeds more into your situation and makes it worse.





6 thoughts on “Morgellons Symptoms, Help, Tips, Relief

    1. Yes. Very very unbelievably awful. The worst is going to a barrage of doctors who attempt to say the symptoms are not real, that they are delusional. Easily said, when they are not the ones suffering with real symptoms and specimens. And far more interesting is the fact that the CDC after doing a study funded by Kaiser, came back and said ALL the specimens sent in from self proclaimed Morgellons sufferers were nothing more than clothing fibers yada, yada, yada… which is complete BS. Cause I know firsthand my specimens are not. I took them and analyzed them in college lab, and it blew me away. some of this stuff, like the black granules which look like a pepper seed, under a microscope look like a piece of thread but intertwined in a unbelievable way.. sort of what appears like a cocoon. completely disgusting, since these seeds are coming forth from peoples bodies. On each thread are these little tied knots, but trust me its not a thread, you can see its a living specimen.
      Back to the CDC, why would they come back and say all the specimens are fibers… ? I can only speculate.. but something smells like they have insight to what’s going on.

      For those that dont know.. oklahoma state university is currently undergoing a study on Morgellons and have some new knowledge and Dr.Wymore is pretty courageous for taking this on, and has a few students working on this as well.

      Check out the position statement, it is awesome:

      Side note: I have some awesome information to help sufferers, however I will not post it here. It is medicine that actually works from a educated brilliant RN nurse, please contact me if you care to know. It doesnt cure it.. however it definitely helps alleviate alot of the symptoms.

      1. yes, Morgellons is the horror of horrors, and the thought of it has kept me up for many nights, reading about it, and even examining the things around me hence my Morgellon’s post. I can only feel the deepest sympathy for those people who have it. Ps, back to Petrach, and Agustine….i was wondering about the surprise at the end. I came to some conclusions and am interested to hear yours.

  1. I’m looking for someone with the same knowledge and symptoms to speak with. This is the most recent entry I can find. I’m new to blogs and such so im not sure exactly how to contact people. Being sent to dermatologist soon and don’t know what to say.

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