Why Do We Look Back??

Whatever it is that stands between you and the Lord today, get rid of it. Cease from indulging in what you shouldn’t or refraining from what you should. Don’t contemplate it as if whatever it may be is worth it, it isn’t. A personal living breathing relationship with God is EVERYTHING. Don’t look back at what you throw away as if your missing something of value, if it were of value God would not be telling you to abstain from it. Lot’s wife looked back, after she was specifically instructed not to, but she couldn’t resist. Looking back demonstrates we still crave or desire something, and we who are held by God`s strength know all things are worthless in comparison to knowing who Christ really is. Like  Saul said “every thing I once deemed of value and importance I have now tossed aside and counted as worthless.” All for the sake of knowing who Christ is. And I’m not referring to knowing Christ, like we know Vincent Van Gogh. We can all say we know Van Gogh because we seen his work and read about Him, but Van Gogh is dead and none of us alive today have ever heard his voice, felt his presence, or his warm embrace….the remarkable thing about Christ is, he is alive. 2000 years later,  yet you can walk with Him today. No matter where you find yourself, no matter how sin riddled your life is because that’s the business Jesus is in. Removing sin from lives and washing those lives clean, to provide them liberty instead of enslavement to the dollar or this world. You can hear his voice today. Call on Him, Call on Him by name to whom have giveth you Life. That is knowing Christ, not simply knowing about him.

“AMEN Y GLORIA DIOS porque el nos a salvado” ~ Clamando a Mi Senor~ J Mendoza 2/8/2017 Escrito en tenura amor de mi hija K Mendoza…

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