My work at the Church. Before and after.

God takes the children others have lost hope in, cast out of society and labeled “trash no good losers” and speaks to them in ways the richest of men could not buy in understanding. He stretches out His loving hands and says: “Come here my child, repent and I will forgive. I will wipe away all your transgressions. I myself will restore what I have taketh away.”

-The wise repent. The unwise ask God to be patient. For the ones that repent and surrender all…He takes them and refines them. Like a Jeweler who polishes a diamond. But these diamonds are priceless. These children filled with His glory walk back into the world, transformed radiating His light onto the World. Those who criticized and lost hope are humbled and silenced as the darkness in their own lives is now made manifest to them, clearly, through the living walking testimony of the one they judged. This is how God’s divine power speaks to hearts disposed for a new life. A new me. The change leaves no doubt it is real. It is God’s work. And through this great work, they themselves witnessed, they become strengthened and begin to believe this change can be obtained in thier own lives.

~ THE CHRISTIAN WALK ~Amado Mendoza Jr/2017

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