In The Midst of A Battle

Jack: “Right now I’m still struggling with the this spiritual attachment inside of me…it doesn’t want to leave…it gets really annoyed if I stop sinning, it begins to suffocate but as it does it gets desperate and pulls out all that stops and tricks to get me to commit any sin. That’s how it stays alive and inside me. It will cause anxiety, a fuck you attitude, strong sexual inclinations or persuasions, to have a sudden attitude of fear or defeat. It will cause uncomfortability or akward silences around fellow  Christians, sporadic or spontaneous pains when hearing God’s word or anything of the like, especially during Church service.”

Nancy: “When you begin to suffocate it keep going don’t give up until the miracle happens. Keep pushing through it. Don’t give in to the Devil, ever.

Jack: “Again, I’m not the one suffocating.. but I have to endure it’s agony since I allowed them inside my home..all the way until it finally departs. I was a good consistent sinner before. I’d give in on a whim to it’s desires. We became friends even. But now God has shed his light upon me. I’m understanding myself and my home. That my home or body is my temple and it must remain Holy, as God is Holy. Why? Because if God’s spirit is to live in me, it cannot partake or share a room with darkness. Darkness after all is the absence of light.

I’m striving to choke this enemy within me completely out. Anyone that can relate knows just how much turmoil and suffering these attachments cause not only us but our friends and family.

Nancy: “I have to run. I’ll call you.”

Part 1.

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