Seeing Through The Deciet

Those that proclaim they are happy without God, are liars. They have convinced themselves of the marvelous existence they live without God. They will say “we have found true freedom to do as we will. We have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” They are fools and their mother is Blindness. They exist not free but enslaved and shackled, tormented by Blindness’s sister-Agony. They believe their suffering is hidden from the eyes of others, yet is lies in plain sight for all to see. Happiness eludes them while misery finds them, yet no tears flow from their face. They no longer can cry anymore. They feel nothing.These are the Walking Dead.

It is a known and an undeniable truth that man must drink water so that his body not perish. In the same way our spirits must remain connected to God, so that our spirits do not die and become useless, much like a cellphone with no charge. The phone no longer does anything we want it to do. We toss it aside until it can be used once again. A life without God is like a swimming pool with no one inside it. Like a dog who cannot bark or a bird who cannot fly. Both the dog and pool still exist, but not for the purpose they were designed for. It’s like building a house only to have no one live in it.

Get connected to True wisdom. True goodness. God is the real World Wide Web. You won’t need any nanny software. He is the developer of all that is. This other one is simply an imposter trying to take God’s place. Get connected to God. Plug in. Recharge. Live. And stay connected to God.

As you walk with God don’t turn around and look back at what you had or how you lived as if you were living your wildest dreams. You were not. Remember, you were Dead. And now you are alive. Thank God instead. Ask him for help in all your troubles. Learn to lean upon him more. Thank him for the suffering you’ve endured. Thank him for the life you now live. Pray. Pray. Pray. Prayer is the equivalent of charging our cellphones. Keep your spirit fully charged.

Be content. Be courageous. Take charge of your life. Give back. Stop allowing your mind to dictate to your spirit what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead allow your spirit to dictate to your mind what it shall be used for and when. Continue forward, never giving up no matter what. A phone with a dead battery remains dead, until it is charged once again. So it is with us. We must know where to plug in, and noy for a time or a season, for an eternity.

~ In dedication to Kaley R M. 04/14/2016

JR Mendoza

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