I have sent my prayer to the Father for you. And I will continue petitioning God for you. And me and the pastor and church shall as well.
The closer we get to God the more the errors of our past hurt like Hell itself. We know in our hearts God forgives, but it is we who must learn to forgive ourselves. The pain from our mistakes especially those involving God, don’t ever seem to go away, and that’s a good thing so that they may serve as a reminder what we have done against Him, and where we have came from so that we may never again go there or do those things again. And those errors allow us to see just how glorious His forgiveness is and how much he loves us. Whatever you’ve done, as I have done many atrocious things against my Father in Heaven, may God confirm He indeed has forgiven you and may you obtain self-forgiveness.
In the coming days, be open and receptive to his message, to his spirit, do not use ur mind which loves to rationalize that it is just “a coincidence” when deep in ur spirit you will know it is God. I look forward to hearing in the next month how God has reached out to you, how he has spoken to you. Remember brother, the mind always doubts God, for it can not know, understand, or sense God, but our spirits very much can, for they are a part of Him. We are connected to Him by Spirit. I say these words and plea them to, in, and through the one and only Jesus Christ.
“I am the way, He says, the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Nobody goes to the Father unless they go through me..”
~A letter addressed to a man I recently met, who asked sincerely, “Will you pray to Him for me, really?” This letter also is addressed to any person God has brought to my site, to read this specific piece, who in their heart has doubt if they are forgiven, or if they have yet to forgive themselves. May God heal your heart. May the words in the letter move you one step closer to searching for God once again.

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