The Challenge Of ‘One True Religion’

In a conversation the other day, a brother said ‘i know its the truth, i can prove it’. To which i responded ‘i also can prove with the bible that there is one true religion, but i can also prove its not true.” So how do we know which arguement or perspective to follow? We must hear it from Jehovah himself, we must have it confirmed by the Holy Spirit, he will answer our questions directly through his word, or through prayer, or an impression in our hearts..never should we simply rely upon what a imperfect man has shared with us. Ive asked various people who believe in the concept that there is indeed one true religion, and now i ask all who believe it, share with me please when and how Jehovah God demonstrated to you in his word, where he explained and showed you there is one true religion? They key again is, dont share with me what some man or woman has taught you , i want to know when you personally asked God, is there one true religion? And what his direct answer was using his Word.So far, i all the responses i have got have been , well he hasnt told me directly, or God doesnt enlighten us that way.. to which i say must not know God, that would be unjust. If you want to know something , simply ask. Ask and you will find. The very source of knowledge is God. And if he hasnt showed you personally using his word and confirmed it, then perhaps its because it does not exist. Perhaps its an idea in which some men wanted to believe was the truth, but no matter how convinced we are that we are right about something , it doesnt mean we are.

The truth and only truth is what Jesus said “I am the TRUTH, the life and the way.” Therefore anyone or any group professing they are the truth or they only have the truth should be reconsidering thier statement. I AM THE TRUTH JESUS SAID and no one can claim Jesus’ blood he shed only for themselves or thier group. He died for us all. Amen and allelujah. 

Like it says in his Word, he called us, we did not call him. His children will hear and recognize his voice. It may take some of us months, some of us years, or for some it will require death, but one day we all will stand before him and in that moment there will be no more arguing or trying to convince anyone that there is one true religion. That idea or belief will be uterrly useless. The only truth, will be standing right in front of us, to which we will be shown all the false things we believed in, all those things we were so 100% convinced of, that we spent years preaching about and testifying about only to learn now we were mistaken. Please forgive me Lord, we will plead. I was blind. Thats all that will be left to say.





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