Do Human Energy Fields Affect Computers & Electronics?

This is a response to a recent investigation I was conducting. The title is not mine. It can be found here:

Below is a comment of the article by a person named Jenn:

Jennifer says:

Whoa! Thank you for your blog! I always wondered about my ability to kill a blender or vacuum, but today I learned I affect tattoo machines.
Every time my artist would set her needle speed, she would lower it toward my skin and the motor would slow. It happened each time! To the point that she teased,
“you have a magnetic personality, know how I know?”
She would then change her frequency on the tattoo machine, move close to me, then have to re-adjust!
How do you feel about finding counter-or neutralizing minerals to offset these affects? Should we do that? Or accept our “emissions”?

[My response to her below, yes it quite lengthy, however, I feel it worthy of the length which contains recent discoveries imbued with passionate imprints of energy behind it. Please folks, share your comments, ideas, or own experiences. I do not get enough feed back. Thank you.]–

Jennifer, I recently read an article regarding hyper communication, in brief when we are completely centered and connected on a spiritual energy plane, we are in a state of communication by energy, and thus somewhat of a vacuum is created.

My recent experiences: The last 4 or 5 times I have meditated, I have caused to stop working and go static. “error has occurred”. It does not matter if you clear the browser, history, restart phone, same thing.

Scenario: Meditate state completely transcended into the spiritual realm, meaning, do not feel body ,of if i do, its very slight consciousness of the body. My complete focus is God at this point. I turn on youtube because worship music helps me get to this dimensional plane of energy which is free from the body. It does not take very long, under five minutes, suddenly youtube will stop working.

A lot of comments state if the person is emotional, so in a sense this is true, my emotions are definitely running very high, and thus projecting a ultimate positive synchronized energy with God, Not emotional as in turmoil.

I really like the word you used “Magnetic”. It immediately brought to mind this book about birthdays, in it it provided details of a persons qualities by the date of birthday and year. It has a sun on the front, pretty thick. On the right side it list your Tarot Card, and it list 3 traits. One of mine was Magnetic. I’m a Libra.

So, I’m not sure what exactly is a vacum yet, but it does seem to create a vacum effect in a sense by wiping the phone. I’m thinking now what happens is because of the super elevated awareness, which thus magnifies the magnetic property of my energy (or of a person), it wipes the phone, or causes the electronic device to stop functioning. As like when you run a powerful magnet across a debit card, or computer it will wipe it.

I would like to learn more about the actual science or mechanisms at work in detail about this. It’s fascinating. More so is this. Recently, to my astonishment.. I was able to hold a phone, a dove was flying in the video, it was a dove in relation to a holy spirit prayer. All things have energy, and not only do they have energy but they carry the energy that was imprinted on the medium, movie, object while it was created.. so there I was holding this phone, just holding it while listening to music.. guess what? I was able to feel the flapping of the dove’s wings. Completely blew me away. I put the phone in the other hand so eliminate the cause being a slightly shaky hand. I placed my entire arm on a straight surface and tuned in again to the song, closed my eyes. Once again I was able to feel the dove flapping its wings. I was able to feel the phone slightly bending its physical composition. Completely exhilarating! What prevents a majority of people from such an amazing experience, is due to the limits the person place on themselves by allowing doubt or logical thinking of the mind to dominate or lead the spirit. We should should do well to allow the spirit to lead, not the logical brain which is in the physical realm.

A important note to all: if you are going to transcend into the spiritual realm know that everything is highly magnified on this plane. In order to transcend to this dimension, to begin with your conscious awareness already has to be magnified and vibrating on a higher level, therefore, consider this- OUR INTENT is very important. Do not cross over simply because you are recreationally out to discover things with no point or real objective. One must have discipline. The reason is this, once your in that state of energy or on this plane, not only do you project energy at a magnified rate, you also absorb it. Lets say you suddenly are tempted by a negative force , example watch a explicit sexual video, the energy imprint behind the video is negative. Therefore a Video or Dvd, doesn’t seem negative on its own accord, sitting on a desk for example. All it is is a DVD disc with no positive or negative energy one could argue. However, during the production of the video, who are the actors, what is their intent, what are their actions, who are they aligned with, God or a negative source? Is the energy, positive or negative? So once you are in the elevated state of awareness which all is magnified greatly, and you are tempted, or confronted by a sinister darker energy, be strong and resist. Remember this is a sacred plane, respect it. Don’t attribute unworthiness to the sacred experience. These talents and abilities have been awarded to us for a reason. They are not lead by the flesh but to lead by the spirit of God which resides in us.  If you decide to go ahead and listen to your flesh, which flesh doesn’t belong on this plane to begin with, be prepared to suffer the consequences. You will absorb that negativity in your field, it will integrate with your own energy, thus causing many different distortions, ailments, imbalances, that later manifest into disease, addictions, sickness and I don’t even want to know what else. It is easy to absorb and be lead by the flesh, but do not do it, it’s not worth it. It becomes very difficult once you absorb this powerful negativity like Darth Vader who turned to the dark side, because it was willingly after all, you did make the choice.To release or disconnect this energy from its integrated state is difficult, extremely difficult but not impossible. This is profound. It connects and affects all aspects of energy down to the cellular components, DNA, organ function, and brain function.

One can even identify the location and visualize the size, form, character of the energy mass or form that you have absorbed. It is awful. Never did I believe I would be blessed with such knowledge or understanding. I pass it on to those willing to listen. I have suffered many things due to my disobedience and my unwillingness to choose the right choice before me instead of the one that gratifies the flesh.

The flesh is never satisfied. It beckons for more sin, it never is satiated. We were born into this conflicting battle of opposing wills. The will of the spirit aims to glory God always, to promote love and well being, and to help others. The will of the spirit seeks only it’s own interest and pleasures that are as temporary as the flash of a digital camera, because the gratification is so short lived, more is always required. One must always strive to lead the physical body by means of allowing the spirit to dictate and lead, not the flesh. Allowing the flesh to dictate your life leads to repetitive looping cycles. The direction of the spirit aligns itself in a breathtaking magnificent synchronized design, called the flower of life. A true inexpressible masterpiece of creation.

Some of the enlightened ones even fear to publish such documents, information, for they fear they themselves will become targets, which is partially true, for our enemies do not want their possessions to be ripped from their greedy energy consuming hands, but I proclaim that Jesus Christ has placed our enemies under our feet and he has Authority over all, They may not fear me for I am just a man, but I am indeed powerful by means of the Authority of Christ provided me, and to all those who choose to believe in him. Glory be to God. May he protect those he sees fitting. May those who have spiritual ears hear and see clearly with their spiritual eyes.Once this vehicle we have been freely given to accommodate us through our commute in this life de-materializes,our body, we do not cease to see or reason, so the question must be raised, Where is the primary brain or the source of comprehension? After passing we continue to reason, to think, to understand without the use of  the material human brain that so many intellectuals pride themselves on. The irony is very thing that’s limiting many from the spiritual experience. May we always continue progressing forward, learning, teaching, sharing, educating, lifting each other up, and not get tied up in the chains of religion, or allow our minds to have limits of our existence and possibilities.

To those who have helped us on our path to wisdom- Thank you. To those who have shed blood and sacrificed for the sake of Good- Thank you. For those under current sufferings for the sake of Good- Thank you. Thank you to the Angels in Heaven for their continued adoration of God in such a powerful inspiring way that encourages mortals to give praise and worship in the same dedicated way. Thank you to all those who stand united against negative forces. Thank you to Jesus, The Almighty Creator of everything in Existence who has privileged us with such beautiful gifts of his glory. ” Allah, Father I shall see you soon” my heart clamors.

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