Take Me To The Water

Best version of Take Me To The Water I’ve heard so far. This does something to my soul. Amen. 🙂 Nothing but the righteous shall see God….. I know I got his spirit!!!


The irony of what should be popular is not. One can find truly inspiring songs with little to no views, yet come across songs that do nothing for the soul or to inspire, with millions of views. A true reflection of the disconnected state of the majority of the world.

At a time I recall I listened to empty useless songs like some of the ones by Nicki Minaj, Little wayne, or Kesha. One day we awaken to see all the trash we use to love to pick up, and all that trash we’ve left behind. I’d like to point out though, we can’t fool ourselves when we are lost. Subconsciously and spiritually a persons recognizes the trash music they are producing, but what’s more important is the $$$. If I can make a million bucks selling trash, why not, right? I randomly picked 3 artist. This is not a commentary on the Nicki, little wayne, or Kesha m but more on the idea at hand. When I was lost deep in sin, I couldn’t lie to myself and believe the sin was worthy of praise no matter how many times I tried to tell myself that story. If I made a record as some of these have, how can could I even be proud of such a thing, because inside you know its not worth the ink in the pen it took to write it.

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