Words That Heal

At this day and age we are surrounded by pollutants, toxins, chemicals, and negative energies. They have infiltrated every aspect our lives by means of the food we ingest, both our water and air supplies all contain contents that neutralize our individual intelligence and our collective intelligence as a whole. I urge you to awaken from your current state of consciousness to a higher level of awareness. Everything in existence is a form of energy, whether it appears solid or not. Example- a rock, your sofa, the tree in your back yard, however it is not solid. Make a effort to learn all you can about energy, how to perceive it, how to discern it’s vibration, and that will lead not only you, but the human race to a higher plane of existence. Focus on the Words you speak. They are not simply words. The moment you speak a word it transforms into a vibrational pattern attached to it is the powerful emotion you imprinted onto the word when you spoke it. Learn that Words heal. Learn that the emotion you carry behind it at all times is critical. Examine yourself. Spend time reflecting. Don’t place limits or boundaries. Don’t listen to men and their hypotheses and so called limits of science they hold to be true. They are things in creation far wiser and more intelligent than the human race. Don’t be molded into what the state of government needs you to believe in order to capitalize on your monetary value. Don’t stop experiencing miracles because you grew up your whole life in a church that preached miracles passed on into non-existence.

Back to the power of Words, as you speak directly to your body in conjunction with your soul, allow your DNA  to receive the instruction from the instructor- The spirit within you. Lead not by the body, lead by the God given soul spirit in you. The battle will forever exist, the flesh against spirit, but one should show restraint when necessary, fortitude, and the discipline to command the body to follow the guidance of the spirit; which spirit is guided by The Creator of All Things In Existence.

Focus on your Words. Your Healing Words of Wisdom. Speak directly to your DNA. To all organelles within your cells. Call out to each by name, by function, by your other God given senses which you were not taught in school. Pray to the Creator. Ask him for guidance. Ask him to direct your cells. Feel the energy of your spirit control every aspect of your physical being. From the cleansing of your blood, to filtering process of your kidneys and liver, to the balancing digestive nature of your intestines, to the passing of waste through your colon. Reach out to your cerebral brain. Connect the neuronal pathways and fire your receptors. Increase your hormones. Bless your glands. Regulate them. Add depth to your vision and your perspective in consciousness.

Stray away from the idea of religion, and church politics, they do no good other than harm one’s mind and spirit. They aid in diverting our focus away from God and onto Men.  I have a great church I attend regularly and there are things I desire to share at the pulpit but I dare not because it would be too much a courageous feat for the leaders to take a stand against 100 year old religious doctrines or guidelines, or to step out from underneath the traditions of men. I am not a preacher, nor a pastor, but I aim to uplift the congregation and my fellow man by sharing the keys of wisdom, health, love, joy, intelligence, progression, awareness, and all things beneficial for improving oneself in this life which is a preparation for the next.

The Creator knows no limits. He resides in no box as many attempt to place him in. We walk dormant until his knowledge shakes us to the core. The God I know is all around. Scientist and some colleagues dare to say “Where is God? I don’t believe in God because there is no proof or test he exist!”. I say “A stupid man is the man who exclaims “I don’t believe in anything I cannot touch, and there is no proof God exist” yet each day this man awakens and looks himself in the mirror.  Such blind fools we all are at certain times in our lives. Many people know tons of scriptures, and possess vast knowledge of Jesus and God, and they analyze his Word and attempt to incite others to not believe in the authenticity of the work, citing various conflicts, or things not possible. They only provide more questions than answers. Is that not true? I don’t know if the bible is perfect, but I tell you what I do know. I know that God knows how to use it perfectly. When he directs and teaches using it, there exist no conflicts or impressions that leave doubt in your heart. I know this type of person has over and over again felt the presence of God in their lives but decide to rationalize with their logical mind, instead of their irrational spirit. I say irrational, not because the spirit is disorder, but because as it relates to our normal logical way of thinking it is irrational, yet is the key in understanding the spirit.
God is just. He is righteous and for all those who claim there is no God, your knee shall bow and you will one day glorify him. The day we stand before him, whether we are opposed, or full of love, whether we are condemned or blessed, one thing is for absolute certain we will glorify him. I cannot at this moment even express in words, for I cannot find the vocabulary to express such a experience. However, I can say that whether I’ll be going to hell or not I’ll be thankful for simply having the privilege to be judged while standing there before God.

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