Would You Like A Free Breast or Thigh, Sir?

Why did God make women so beautiful? There are many accounts of men who God helped who had multiple wives and women. Sometimes I want to believe that God would understand if I were to decide to sleep with another woman. Sometimes I want to believe that somehow being a man gives me more liberty in that regard, after-all Man was not created from woman, the woman was created from the rib of a Man. I want to believe it’s natural for me to have these inclinations and desires of being with other women because it’s the natural selection in me; it’s innately natural for a man to automatically seek to reproduce and have offspring.

And then comes to mind about the hurt I would cause my wife. I think of what it means to be a honest man. I think about my Dad trying his best to instill good morals within me. I think about how many women I’ve already been with before getting married and I ask myself “Jesus Christ, haven’t you had enough already? Why did you make women so beautiful! Why am I this way, you’ve me Blessed many times over with beautiful women yet I still desire more? I could have the most beautiful woman by my side, but look what happens after a little while Lord, I start admiring another; Lord, surely you understand. Is it okay, Lord for me to be with another woman? Doesn’t a man have a bit more liberty? King Solomon had many wives, and you helped him.”

That old saying: Our eyes are bigger than our stomach does not merely apply to food. One thing that surely doesn’t help is modern day fashion. Have you been to any large metropolitan malls lately? Around every turn there is a scantly dressed woman or man. Sure, I am the one to blame for possessing such a lack of self-control of my spirit but I’ll tell you this- choices being made present day are not making it not easy. The irony is one doesn’t even notice how extreme it is until your extracted from the big city for a while and your focus shifts entirely onto God; not until your surrounded by a group of women who are all dressed conservatively with long skirts, no tight jeans, no sexy high heels, and no see through dresses. “Wow! I can actually concentrate on God through Sunday service instead of the woman I’m sitting behind.” Time to make a stop with the wifey at your local Wal-mart to buy groceries? Who needs x-ray glasses anymore? “Here you go sir, a nice breast or thigh to go with your milk and eggs. Who said anything about charging you for that? It’s on the house! You sure you wouldn’t like anything else to go with that? ”

Have you forgotten that promise you made to your Wife or Husband til death do us part? That part of remaining faithful to the end. I can fool my wife all day long and place a pretty smile on my face and pretend I didn’t look at those gorgeous long legs, but I know I did. I know I desired to know what they would feel like upon my skin. I can’t lie to myself. And I surely cannot lie to God. He knows exactly what I’ve been cooking up inside me. O what miserable man I am said the apostle Paul in Romans for his thorn in the flesh that would not stop pricking him. Do you recall the apostle Peter who walked on water? Upon getting out of the boat for a few steps he was doing just fine, but as well all know the moment he took his eyes of the Lord, he sank like a ton of bricks. And that’s what we all do when we temporarily lose focus off the people we love. Off our matrimony or the people we are committed to. That’s what happens when we spend hours on Social Media instead of discovering new treasures within our wives or husbands. How do we make God feel each time we decide to do our will instead of his? He created us. It is He who we should bow our knees to, not to Sin. Keep your eyes on the Lord. The difference between God and the Devil is when your sinking, God is in anguish and despair because you are his child and he loves you but as far as the Devil is concerned, when he sees you sinking, he applauds enthusiastically and celebrates by dancing a jig because he despises you.

We all recognize immediately when that desire is surfacing within the innermost parts of our beings. As it sets itself lose once again, as it gasps for air, and yelps “Sin! Please, feed me more. I don’t care what you do at this point… for the love of the devil do something, anything against God’s will. Let me breath! I can’t take this anymore. Why the hell did I ever decide to move in this house. You were such a fantastic sinner before. What the hell is wrong with you. Come to your senses. It’s about us. Not God. Screw God. You can’t even prove God exist. You are such a fool. You really think there was a worldwide flood. Don’t make me laugh. Noah Smoah. You moron! ” All this it says as it fights to survive, while you squeeze harder attempting to choke it out for good by reading God’s Word and praying earnestly for His Holy Spirit. The more we draw close to God, the more the flesh and things within us try to rebel. That old personality needs sin to survive and all you’ve been feeding it is God’s Word. “Get me the Hell outta here!” it screams. “Its funny you should say that because that’s exactly where your going. Pack your bags Sin, and all you other deviant sons of the enemy I’ve invited in, and I bid you a eternal farewell. By the way, Catch! [Ozarka bottle of water comes flying across the room] Drink up. Your gonna be thirsty. I’m reclaiming this body of mine and everything within it, through the authority of God Almighty which he placed in his son Jesus Christ who has hung as a curse for us all; who died for me so that I could reign victorious in, through, and over all things. Amen! Hallelujah! And praise God!

Even though we are transformed we are still tempted. But we have a helper, a counselor, and comforter, who speaks all truth and reminds us at all times when that wrong desire begins to spring up [John 14].  If you already know there is a ton of hot chicks at the pool on Friday, and you still have not mastered self-control of your spirit, don’t go. Stay home. Go another day or another hour. Let your spirit be at peace. Demonstrate to yourself and to God, you are ready for bigger things. Through making that right decision you will find favor and grace. God will show you how miserable you were before, and how miserable you will be if you continue making that wrong decision. God’s grace reaches down and provides favor for his children who choose him. Upfront parking. All green lights. Discounts on the items your looking to purchase. More money flowing in than your spending. Good health. Detours that save you time and gas. Doors opening instead of closing. Encounters with the right people. Insight. Love. Faith. Greatness. Glory. Salvation. Life. Peace. Rejoicing. Balance. Vision for what’s coming. Healing from where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Forgiveness. Love. Never ending abundant radiant glorious love. Liberty from following. Courage to speak when needed. Everything you will ever need now, forever and through eternity.

A stupid man is the one who says: “I don’t believe in God because there is no proof he exist. There is no test to prove he exist, yet he wakes up every day and looks himself in the mirror.” ~JMendoza

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