The Deception of #LOVE WINS

I don’t have much today. I’m including two short responses I’ve written recently to the recent #LOVE WINS trend.

I’m not spending much time editing the response I just want to get it out there as food for thought.

Here they are:
#love wins- The voices were heard.. that may be and you may have a nation change it’s viewpoint, but you’ll never get God to change his. God is constant, and thank Him for that. Otherwise if he was not, then he would cease being God. This idea of loving everyone equally is great. Equality is great for everyone. But do not expect God to support same sex marriages. Anyone that is being directed by God’s Holy Spirit, will attest, God will surely advise you in your heart whether sleeping with the same sex is correct or not. And if he does advise you of that, Please let me know and the nation because we would love to know exactly what God said to you, what scriptures he used to instruct you in this, or whatever method he used to convict you in your heart,body, and soul this idea of marrying the same sex is okay.

#love wins-I would like to add this to my comment. Gods love can always reach you no matter what your sins are. He doesn’t love based on exterior color, race, or what your preference is for a mate, however, do not be confused and rationalize ‘God will love me just the way I am, therefore it’s okay for me to choose this particular option.” Yes he loves you, but you cannot expect that to mean he is going to support that decision when the decision is contrary to what he stands for or what he himself has established. He will continue to love you and be patient, but that in no way shape or form, does that mean its okay. I’ve personally dealt with certain things, and almost convinced myself that God would accept me how I am, and he does, but we can easily fool ourselves into thinking that this means, him accepting our choices as well. And those are two very distinctly different things. He does not accept all of our choices when they are opposed to his will, although he does accept us just the way we are. And with time, our choices are conformed through his magnificent love in harmony with his will, IF we allow it.

What a big IF.

We will not always like making the necessary changes. We will attempt to oppose many of them, but that is human nature. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let your mind tell your soul its okay. We can easily allow our minds to dictate to us what is correct, what God accepts or doesn’t. It doesn’t work like that. It starts with God.

Blessed is the man that hears with his God given spirit. Not his polluted imperfect mind.

Have you ever met a person that lied so much they began to believe their own lies? We always chuckle at that. What have they done? They actually said it so much, they believed their own lies. They let their minds dictate truth. Whether they believed it to be true or not, did not change the fact it was a flat lie.

Glory be to God for being constant. For reprimanding us when we need it. For speaking truth. For not changing based on the whims and desires of humans. Thank God for those who continuing fighting for Good in the face of persecution.

May Gods love be with us all.

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