Inspire Thee to Greatness

List as many inspiring words that come to mind. No need to edit, No need to go back. Simply let the words flow and share.

Whether it’s only five or a thousand. Join in.

Prosperity. Rejoice. Aspire. Balance.White-light. Illuminated. Share. Generosity. Talented. Connected. Glowing. Cordial. Conscious. Aware. Tranquility. Progress. Thrilled. Success. Blessed. Triumphant. Fluidity. Poetic. Articulate. Vision. Resourcefulness. Vigor. Vitality. Limitless. Affectionate. Compassionate. Cordial. Blessed. Triumphant. Crystalline. Energy. Aligned. Healed. Gifted. Loved. Adored. Ambition. Clarity. Focused. Embark. Create. Worship. Project. Give. Reciprocate. Colorful. Vibrant. Vivacity. Harmonious.

We attract what we imagine. How we speak impacts our reality. Pay close attention to the words you select because they manifest into your reality.

Instead of saying:  I will have. I have.

I will be healed. I am being healed.

I can’t stand this job. I love this opportunity.

Even if you truly loathe it. Change it.

Speak your list of words each day.  Create your own powerful visualization through words. There are no limits or boundaries. Imagine a wooden frame. From its boundaries emanate the most beautiful light you’ve ever seen. Pass your hand through it. Place your leg through it. Cleanse yourself and your spirit entirely. Laugh. It feels great. Create your own tools. Progress. Share. And transcend through eternity.

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