Realizing What’s Already In You

My testimony for the day:

The single most important thing about our relationship with God- is not to think about God, is it to feel God. We can spend all day reading about Him, singing about Him or to Him, working in the ministry preaching to others about Him but in a instance, the single most powerful experience of all is to feel God.

We experience God with our spirits, not with our minds. To what extent has that mountain of bibles stacked up in your home or those endless hours of studying God’s Word, and all those hours in the ministry served you if you have never felt God move inside you? If your not sensing God in your daily course?  I can read about the gifted Vincent Van Gogh every single day. I can write research papers about him. I can spend hours upon hours examining his masterpieces of art or his literary pieces, but I’d much rather share the sunrise with him while we sat surrounded by empty white canvases and luminous paints all around. I would love to hear what his voice sounds like. I would like to know what his embrace feels like or to hear him laugh. The problem is Van Gogh is dead. God isn’t. Invite God to spend the day with you. Listen to his voice as he speaks. Hear him laugh. Feel his mighty presence stir within you and all around you. Call out to him, and He will answer you.

The key is to turn the mind off. Lay it down. You don’t need it to experience God. Listen with your God given spirit. The mind will only attempt to rationalize what it cannot. It will attempt to derail you from believing what your spirit already knows is true. The mind will do everything it can to hold you to its limitations of comprehension and to the lies it’s already sold you into believing. The spirit will set you free. God sends the Holy Spirit who leads to all truth. Get connected to it. Stay connected to it. Be it.

“I know you exist God. I always have. I know you have always been there. I love you and I know you love me too. I know the way, the truth and the life is through your son Jesus Christ. May the Glory go to you, in Jesus name, Amen.” ~The spirit clamors

~Jrock 1/22/15

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