Transforming Your Today

The mind is a powerful tool, but at times it misbehaves and tries to dictate what you need in order to be content and happy. If you listen to it too long it will convince you that need many things in order to be happy right now in this moment. One must learn to lay down the tool as one would lay down a hammer after building a box. Learn to turn it off. Learn to not listen to it. Instead experience the world and your environment through your body. Through your life spirit that courses through every living creature. Recognize the habitual pattern your mind plays to assert control over you, to manipulate you into pursuing things and focusing on the past or future instead of focusing on the present moment. We live in the present moment not in the past or the future. Once you recognize the pattern and it resurfaces attempting to choke out the joy and happiness of your today, immediately respond “thats the past, that’s the future, no thank you.. Im happy right here right now and I have everything I need” and sit back and watch your world transform.- JRock 1/2/15

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