Thankful Thoughts

Thanks to all who have visited my blog and have taken time to share or like any of my post.

Thanks to God for another year.

Thanks for our families.

Thanks that we can still walk, talk, eat, feel, love, hear, and see.

Thanks for all the time and energy fellow writers invest in sharing their lives with the world.

Thanks for all the people in our lives that we’ve met enabling us to be at this present moment in time.

Thanks for all the suffering we’ve had to endure in order to allow us to develop the character we now have.

Thanks for all the suffering of the people before us, for paving the foundation our of present day.

Thanks for all those who love passionately their calling in life and guide others in finding theirs.

Thanks to God for leaving us in awe every single day of our lives through his breathtaking masterpieces of creation.

Thanks for all the Miracles we all share.

Thanks to God we are not perfect.

Thanks to God we don’t have all the answers and there is endless mystery abound.

Thanks to God for our free will.

Thank God for for being eternally created.

Thank God we have lived one more day.

Thanks for the guy who stopped and help me change my battery as I was stuck on the side of the road.

Thanks for the stranger who as I was dying of thirst offered me water.

Thanks for the strangers who didn’t know me but offered me rides when I didn’t have one.

Thanks for all the Angelic help I’ve received numerous times saving me from certain catastrophe.

Thanks for all the kindness of complete strangers who helped me when I was down, broken, and in desperation.

Thanks for all the compassion and understandingly sympathetic ears that have taken time to listen to me hurting inside.

Thanks for God’s merciful grace and forgiving heart.

Thanks for the thousands upon thousands of unrequested favors origination from kind hearts.

Thanks to my parents for putting up with the turmoil and pain I’ve caused.

Finally, thanks we can still give thanks and change our lives at any point and time we choose.

I’d like to see your list of thanks below. Please join in and lets share.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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