Take control of your mind.

Believe in what you see and feel with the soul of your eyes.

Don’t let your mind rationalize and win. Don’t let your mind shut down your dreams. Your visions.
Your power. Your spiritual eyes.

It’ll tell you those aren’t wings you feel on your back. That your crazy
for contemplating such a thing.

Instead turn off the mind. Feel the wings. Feel their structure. Expand them out and feel their majestic qualities. Know what your feeling is real. Know your senses.

I dont need my physical eyes or mouth to tell me I walked into a room where bacon is being cooked. Why?
Because I smell the bacon. Therefore I know it’s there.

So it is with whatever it is in your life right now, that your mind is asking you for full and complete proof of before it decides to allow YOU to completely believe it.

One must ask, “who is in charge here “YOU or your MIND?”

I don’t believe because my mind allows me. I believe because I already have it in and on me and it is me.
All one has to do is recognize it.

They told us in school we have five senses. And we all believed them. What about the one’s they didn’t know about or didn’t tell us about?

Think about what Jesus said.

Jesus said, “believe in me and you shall be saved.” Why?

Because he knew how powerful belief is.

But where does it originate, our faith our belief?

Belief and Faith lay within us already. All we have to do is look inside ourselves to find them.

I think most would agree on the following point- after our human body perishes, something else happens to us.

Meaning there is something for each of us after our human body perishes.Our fleshly body is simply what holds us,like a vase holding a flower.The Vase has its own attributes as does the flower,each of those attributes and qualities exist independently from one another,once you combine the vase and flower togther they compose up a combination of qualities and attributes,yet their previous independent qualities,attributes and/or ‘senses’ dont vanish,they are still in tact, Which means we exist with senses other than the five we possess in human form.

We have senses that belong to our spiritual bodies. All we have to do is recognize them.Feel them.Feel your ethereal body and it’s qualities. Know and understand “I am not just this body I see with my human eyes, there is so much more to me than that.”

Understand how marvelous of a creation you are. We are the designers of our reality in which we live.You always hear from people.”Dream! Believe it and it will happen for you!”That’s because when you truly do,you design the world in which you and I live in today.

Our reality in which we live is created by what we believe. Take a blank canvas and paint all over it. We are the blank white canvas. The painting is our imagination transcended upon the canvas itself.

Close your eyes and experience the world around you. Don’t just study about God. Feel God. Feel him
in every part of your being. Feel your life and light within you coarse through you entire body. Be in it. Rejoice and Awaken to the miraculous life you have.

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