Shaking Hands

Leave no doubt in your heart he has lived, died and risen. He is alive. In that one moment, in a flash, he conquered our biggest and deadliest enemy- death. In that one moment, we believers became victorious. The one thing that none of us can escape, he conquered for us, so that those who believe in Him shall live forever. As we walk throughout our day we should shout for joy and be thankful, there is nothing now that can stand against us. Our chief adversary more than Satan was death but now it holds no power over us. Shake a strangers hand, smile, and boldly say ” He has risen! He is alive!” and prepare for the wonderful experiences that will follow your courageous act. In this day and age we so many times give in to being timid or not wanting to bother/offend another, but instead of being timid, let us take courage and be bold, let us dare to be confident enough not just to hear God’s direction but to act upon it. That small nudge you feel to speak, you feel it for a reason. Don’t doubt it and reason it is just you. That nudge is God moving you to share his good news. Simply speak and let God do the rest. Know full well this will not offend this will rise up, this will give hope and spreads joy. This confession gives life.

Let us make sure when we say it, we believe it. Anyone can proclaim it but those of us who know in our hearts it is true, it is because God has given us that privilege of honor and faith, to firmly believe it so that we may publicly confess it to others, so that they too will carry the same everlasting hope we have found. Thank God for his Son. ~ JRock 4/27/14

Prior to writing this post, yesterday, I took courage with a retail cashier at Macy’s by simply saying “Did you make it to church today?” She replied “No I had to work”. I responded, “Well, that’s okay, but I want you to know.. He is alive, and he has risen! I’ve felt the need all day to say this to someone, and therefore I’m sharing it with you.” Her face lit up, she smiled, and said: “Yes he is.”  At that moment, we both felt a blessing in our hearts, that we weren’t alone, that we were united in Christ, that we shared something together, that was special. God Himself poured out his spirit on us both for taking time to remember and to acknowledge his existence.

Now take time to listen to this great song which I was directed to afterwards~ Enjoy your day and remember he is alive!


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