Be Free- Live- Take Control

Today, I am FREE, more so than I have ever been. I have been liberated from the restrictions and confiments of my mind. I need not listen to it, instead I require it to ahdere to my will.

Too often in the past I’ve fallen victim to the treacherous deceit my own mind presents before me. I have allowed it to dictacte my moods, my desires, and my actions. I’ve allowed enemies from both spirtual and physical realms to prey upon it and seize control of this powerful tool that God has given me. Many exist today whose sole purpose is to elevate thier own existences by exploiting us through our vunerabilities, if they control the mind, they control us.

The mind is nothing more than a tool, like a hammer that I [I being the soul within me, my soul possesses it’s own identity that God has given it prior to being placed inside this flesh, and now that I have been placed inside this body I must understand the complexites of this organism as it works together in a effort to exist harmoniously and simulatenously while being subjected to the properties and working of the organs within my flesh] decide when to use or to lay down. I must contemplate and reocognize my desires apart from that of my minds. This is the key to being set FREE.

Now as I progress forward and awaken, I aim to disturb those from a deadend state of living, those found shackled by the condenmation of their own hand and mind. I shake you to arise and awaken the infiniteless power which God has placed within you. We together have access to a resource that is rich and inexhaustible, in it we conquer all.

My mind I subject to my will, and my will I subject to that of my Heavenly Father’s who sits in union with his son Jesus Christ; through this surrender I sit upon alll things, not under them. For surrendering I am rewarded. For this union into which you and I were born into and now share I thank God. I thank Him for us being called and freely inheriting these gifts, may He reach down and lift our veils to deepen our understanding of these gifts we all carry. May our gifts win those over who are still in chains, who are still slaves, who have not been set free. May our gifts abound in his love, and permeate this world with part of He within us who created both the world and us. May this bring glory to your life and those around you. Together may we surpass things expected and shout for joy because we have been found, delivered, and fully liberated in Jesus’ name for eternity.

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