A Treasure Inside

Those who believe shall inherit the most prized possession a man could have: eternal salvation.

Those who believe are Blessed with a guarantee of eternal life.

We who believe stand to inherit the richness our Heavenly Father has promised us.

Meditate on that for a moment.

Not 20 years. Not 30 years. Not 67. Not the age the person who you loved most in the world perished at, but instead ETERNITY.

Has God ever lied to you? He has never lied to me once. I have been able to depend on him every day of my life and so have you.

We can depend with certainty on his words, on his promises.

There is nothing more valuable than his Love. It floods us with Joy and Happiness, with waves of laughter, with smiles and tears; it’s never ENDING.

Meditate on that for a moment.


A never ending Love so immensly powerful no matter where you are, it reaches down to the depths of your soul to fortify you, to protect you. His love fills you with strength, with courage, with knowledge, with the conviction that no matter what happens, your rock solid because your He is your and our ally. He is our friend, one that can be depended on always. 

To know someone who always has your best interest in their heart means everything.

Seek to know Him deeper. Not just through your normal methods. Be creative.

Think outside the box.

Seem to know him through people. Through places. Through his wonderful creations. Through nature. Ponder him while feeling the sunshine warm your body, while listening to the birds sing, while you admire you best friend-the dog, how he is so wonderfully made.

Don’t let this be just another posting, something you’ve read many of times before. This time connect it to what’s already inside of you. We all carry God inside of us and all we have to do is connect.

If we can take time to connect to some social media app, then we can and must take time to connect to Our Creator.

I want those who read this to be joyous, to be filled with smiles and to be filled with his unending Love

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