In response to one of my friends who is always traveling, searching, and attempting to find:

Does traveling the world make you happy or are you already happy? A day will arrive when we cannot travel anymore and where will our happiness be derived from then? It comes from within. In the end, one could realize what he was searching for the entire time he was traveling the world- was himself. And he didn’t need to go any further than the room he was sitting in.


It is not about regret, that’s living in the past. Don’t regret anything. You cannot live there. Your mind tries to tell you “regret this, regret that ” , that is the mind attempting to sabotage the happiness of your today. Instead, focus on the here and now. Live for this moment- the present. Our bodies are constantly in the present, it is our mind, a simple tool of the body, that attempts to derail us, it attempts to steal our happiness.

Guess who else knows this? Enemies. They know all about mind control. They know how the majority of people walk around identifying themselves as one with the mind. Big mistake. We all do it. We all have done it. Stop.

Stop today.

Awaken from the mind control of your mind. Realize, the mind is nothing more than a tool, like the hand. Use it. Don’t let it use you.

It will tell you all the things you need to be happy, all the things you lack to be happy, it will tell you all the reasons why your not happy now because of the past, or all the things you need in your future to be happy now. Reject it all. Observe the mind, apart from the mind. Remember, we are inside this body, the mind is simply a part of the physical body, but it is not us. We wouldn’t say a finger identifies us, right? Nor shall the mind.

The hurdle is comprehending this. Also realizing just how powerful the mind is.

Note: What the mind projects comes into realization. That’s how powerful the mind is. That’s why directing it is so important.

Be present, in the here and now. Seize each moment and live. And the only way to do that is for you to take control back of your mind, snag it back from all enemies, all influence(including yourself) and direct it to be one with your body, in this moment; then you will begin being full alive and much closer to complete happiness.





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