Medically sick and waivering

“…The blind man with mud upon his eyes, the Leper who was told to get in the river, the Harlot who stood condemned in death, Lazarus who died and was placed in a tomb, several demon possessed people,  they were all sick, ailing, tormented and suffering

And guess what? They all got to be literally touched by Jesus Christ.

As I am presently suffering, being tormented, diseased and afflicted, it is so easy for me to feel as if God has forgotten about me. Or that perhaps God is not with me or even worse that God doesn’t even exist. 

If you feel this way and are reading this, then listen close.

We must understand one thing. We are blessed. It is through these present sufferings that drew us to Jesus more, and allowed him to work within us. To strengthen our weak faith. To allow him to work a miracle for you and I. For us to be literally touched by Jesus. For Jesus to do something extra-ordinary in our lives. For people to know, Jesus walks with us.

It is through his blindness, that the man got to be touched by the hands of God. It is through his death that Lazarus was raised again.

So the next time I feel faint at heart, for what I’m undergoing and for what they are doing to me to cause this, I must remember what they did to Jesus and how much he suffered. Sure, we all know the story, but we all do not comprehend the magnitude of what this means for us.

I kept persisting God last night “O God why don’t you heal me? If you really loved me why don’t you stop this? Surely the Almighty God of Heaven who created all things in Heaven and Earth, with just a whisper of his breath could end this present suffering, but your not stopping it God, Why!!”

He loved his only Son. And he sent him to die for us all. He could of ended the suffering of Jesus Christ on the spot. One word. But he did not. He allowed some suffering for the greater good. For all to see what gives us eternal life. For all to see suffering is but temporary. We have riches and glory awaiting where money wont be but a memory. I won’t have to buy my wings. They will be freely given.

A special thanks to our Lord and Savior for our continued progress, for our continued understanding, vision, insight, love, peace, joy, endurance, self-control, discernment, direction, for his touch, for his chastisement, for his punishment, for his training, for him doing nothing at all and for merely existing in this World of sometimes bitter darkness. He needs not do a thing, and I shall still love him because of what he stands for.”

~Jrock 11/3/13



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