“Fear not he who can kill the body, but rather he who can kill both body and soul.”

Meaning, no matter what, overwhelming victory is already ours.

Death were is your sting? Because I have received eternal life. What hold do you have on me that has not be given to you.

Death is not but a mere passing. Suffering is not but for a mere moment. It’s a gift given to me so that I may lean upon God more.

The enemy knocks upon my door.  He bangs. He shouts. He screams.

I now laugh when I used to be scared.

Now I understand, he has no authority over me. The only authority he has… has been given to him. It is not of his own. So then I must ask, what hold does he really have on me, For the one I am in harmony with, the one whom I surrender my life and soul to, is the one whom has authority over him.

Therefore I am free. I am victorious in and through all things because I love him as he has loved me.

~Jrock 10/9/13

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