“If Jesus my Lord died for me….”

“If Jesus My Lord died for Me, then I shall die for him.” ~

Sprang out of a discussion I was having with a friend. 

Why? Because I know and have full confidence in whom gave me this life, in the event the one I possess now should perish or be taken away without my consent [that is in the form of my flesh] I do not have to worry or fear. Because thy Almighty Lord can give me new a flesh.  He can give me a new body for this eternal soul. Which became eternal when the conviction of his death upon the cross entered into my heart, not upon first comprehension but through experience, through hours of studious studies, prayer, testimonies, of continous battles, sufferings, convictions, daily moments of praising and worshiping, of living in and through his Word; it is then through all these which enabled me to seize a final hold on what Jesus has really done for me. I realized that through his Death, I became eternally alive. I became unshakeable.  I became eternal. I became fully trusting that he will do what he has promised for us all. I know he has me in the palms of his hands even when I don’t understand why things may be the way they are, or why I’m going through this present suffering. Through this conviction I became victorious over all things, because of his promise, because of his Word, because of his undying infallible love.


~Jrock 9/23/13

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