The “TRUTH” ~One Religion? {con’td}

A text received this morning from a fellow Brother in Christ who happens to be in the Jehovah Witness Religion:

“Today’s Watchtower and this whole set, really emphasizes to me how Jehovah’s Witnesses are truly directed by Jehovah. It adds to the point there is only one true religion. Jehovah has always had one group of people who represented Him, that’s proven through the Bible. The bible also states there would only be “one faith”. People can think how they want, but all the time Jehovah gives clearer evidence as to His blessing upon us as a people. Here is the biggest evidence why I personally believe Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only true religion.

#1 We are the only ones following Jesus’ admonition to go therefore making disciples through the organized worldwide preaching work.

#2 We constantly test our beliefs to make sure we understand prophecies clearly, unlike other religions that believe one thing and celebrate things and never change even when there’s proof they are wrong.

#3 The scriptures state the light would get brighter and brighter as the end draws near, not even Jesus disciples knew the full meaning of prophecies spoken to them, some even misunderstood them and some believed Armageddon was going to start in Jesus’ day, and we get clearer understanding as the end draws nearer.  Fortunately everyone will have a chance to recognize Jehovah’s spirit behind His organization before Armageddon and everyone will have a chance to show Faith and Love in Him through the great tribulation but they must abandon all false doctrines and beliefs they previously had. I’m so thankful I already see this and have already attached myself to the one organized group of people who do everything they can to please Jehovah and have abandoned false beliefs. Jehovah is awesome.

My response:

Good morning Brother. You are my Brother whether you see us as divided. Your first paragraph says it best: ” today’s WATCHTOWER really emphasizes..” – yes I believe you it does. That’s what I’m getting at, its ALWAYS ALWAYS the WATCHTOWER that emphasizes the point and the claim about one true religion existing. It is never the Word of Jehovah that does.

#2 That is what is engrained in your mind, to see distinctions between religions, to see differences, to FOCUS on religion, when in fact the bible does not teach that, but you will find countless Watchtowers and Awakes and publications put out by the society that do. Why do you think your always busily comparing religions, as you just did in your text? That is because that is how you are being directed by the governing body. Again, why place emphasis on what separates us? Better on what brings us in harmony and unifies us. Did Jesus not die for us ALL? For the body of believers, not a denomination. He came to bring harmony between the distinctions of Jew and Greek, of Baptist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Methodist and the variety of different denominations out there; in order to show us what really matters most is Faith in Him, and His Heavenly Father.

What will you say to Him, when he asks you why were you so focused on what separates us, when what separates us CANNOT not save a single soul or is able to give us eternal life? It is Jesus that does. Belief in him, that he has been raised from the Dead.

Tell me does this require a denomination to believe this?

Truth seekers like you, and me, although mislead on certain points like this religion one, shall be forgiven, because we have the right thirst and hunger to serve him.

You see a Jehovah Witness can teach someone hungry and thirsty for God’s Word, who does not know the Word for themselves, but once someone already knows the Word, it becomes very challenging due to the contradictions between the Word and what the society is telling you the Word says through the various publications they have available. In the end Brother remember- I shall be there and you shall set eyes upon me, and I shall set my eyes upon you and I shall embrace you with the same warm brotherly love with which you once embraced me, before you deemed me to be part of false religion and before I decided not to join your denomination.

His reply:

It’s very saddening you feel that way. The Bible does give clear evidence to what I told you, that the Watchtower is derived from it. It’s also really sad you can’t really see the Bible. God’s Word clearly shows Jehovah has always had a group of People to represent Him on earth but you cant see it. Hopefully one day you will see clearly Jehovah has tried drawing you numerous times but you keep ignoring it, before its too late.


Don’t be sad for me Brother, be happy. For we have both been called in to serve through his forgiving grace. Will you be sad for me when you see me standing there with you once we have made it? Or will you feel cheated somehow because I obtained salvation and I was NOT a Witness? Remember Brother, we were born into this world FIRST from our Heavenly Father, then we grew into men, so we were children of God FIRST, before you EVER became a baptized member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, meaning you may be a Witness, but you are a believer in Jesus Christ FIRST and foremost, then you accepted you denomination. Therefore making you and I both believers FIRST, both in harmony with what matters most, and what shall gain us salvation.

more to come… from this conversation.

Please feel free to comment or share. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The “TRUTH” ~One Religion? {con’td}

  1. The “one true religion” is being a person of God the Divine Creator, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah. The denominations are just means to come under Christ, being a part of the Body of Christ.
    The one group of people who represented Jehovah God were not the JW but are the Jews and they are still the Chosen People, no matter what Christians would love to think or to do. Jeshua himself was a devout Jew, belonging to the Essenes. He never wanted to create an other religion nor ever claimed to be God. He knew very well that he was a son of man, like all the others around him.

    Please before you claim to be ” the only ones following Jesus’ admonition to go therefore making disciples through the organized worldwide preaching work” have a closer look at internet and at other coutnries than that one were you perhaps only find JW teaching and going around preaching the gospel.There are many more denominations and certainly lots more people who go out and follow up the task Jesus has given his followers.

    Sorry, also that you and hour group would be the only ones constantly testing your beliefs to make sure you understand prophecies clearly is doing violence to the truth. The JW do a lot of good work and do also do their Bible study but always in the light of a Watchtower publication and not really discussing the Bible readings on their own. Many other non-trinitarian denominations do daily bible readings and do have regular Biblestudies were is being started from the Scripture reading itself.

    The point you mention “unlike other religions that believe one thing and celebrate things and never change even when there’s proof they are wrong” is very interesting, because the JW are just an organisation were not much debate or discussion about Bible verses and interpretation is allowed. It is very well known that several JW who thought certain things differently at a certain time were excluded from the community, even when they were before one of the 140.000, like the writer of the the “Aid to Bible understanding”. I for years had contact with some excluded elders whose ideas at that time were not accepted, but which are now common JW teaching, though they were never rehabilitated.
    we all should know that “we get clearer understanding as the end draws nearer” and that those times are coming closer, which makes the preaching even more impoortant. But JW do not have the sole right in witnessing for Jehovah. Many other denominations, mainly non-trinitarian also express the necessity to use the proper names of the persons, like Jehovah for God and Jeshua for Jesus. The JW are still using the blasphemous name for the son of God, “Jesus” which means “Hail Zeus” instead of using Jeshua’s proper name. I do not understand why being keen on having others to know the proper Name of God they do not have any intention to get the people to know the proper name of God His son?

  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Replies are always appreciated Marcus. Marcus to be clear about the piece above, I am not a JW, although very familiar with the JW’s because I was raised as one, continued studying with them as a adult, but I could never get baptized as one… something within me held me back on three different occasions.
    And yes I agree with you on your points, many JW’s like my own mother proclaim to be the only one’s doing the preaching work in comparison to other religions,or the only ones united in harmony worldwide, or the only religion teaching the truth or bible principals, but when I ask my Mom or others, how do you know this? How many churches have you been to yourself? How many ministries have you personally been involved in? How many different pastors or churches do you currently know or have a deep understanding of? The answer is always the same. It’s always hearsay evidence. How many churches have you been to in the last 5 years mom? Zero. How many ministries have you personally been involved in? Just one. How many times has God personally confirmed to you that there is one true religion? Never.
    Yet, it never ceases to amaze me, that although these are the answers, not just from my mom, but from various interviews, many still cannot see the clear truth. Just as of today, I found myself in another conversation with my mom, about this exact thing.
    I tried to get her to understand this basic principle. No matter how much you believe that Jehovah or our Heavenly Father is guiding the JW’s, one must understand that there has been and always will be error in understanding, meaning that although you may believe one concept within the organization, for example, that there is one true religion or that only a certain number of people will go to Heaven, it does not mean that is 100% true. Why? Cause as you stated “we get a clearer and clearer understanding as we move forward” so with that in mind, is it not possible that this idea you so concretely believe in , that there exist one true religion, is actually incorrect?
    I gave her a solid example. I stated imagine before the year 1914, the society leaders were preaching and teaching the end of the world would arrive in the year 1914. So many followers just like my Mom, whole heartedly believed that Jehovah was leading the elders (the Watchtower governing body) and the Church members strongly 100% believed in this teaching that the world would come to and end, however it didn’t. The governing body was flat wrong. So what is the difference Mom, between their 100% belief and the one you carry today? Mom you also 100% believe that there is one true religion because the governing body teaches it, and you wont realize that they could be wrong on this one point. I’m not saying they are wrong about everything, all I’m asking is for to contemplate and reason, that it is a possibility that they are wrong right now on this one teaching, just like the governing body was wrong back in 1914. But as you probably know already, attempting to get any JW to reason for themselves is super difficult. They become dependent on the governing body to reason for them. And it is almost to grand a hurdle for them to conceive that there is a possibility this teaching could be wrong. It would mean not knowing their future identity. Well if that’s true.. if there is no true religion, well then what would that mean for me, where do I go from here? It shakes the very foundation of everything they so strongly stand for and believe, but what they don’t see is this, even if the organization was to break apart, their faith in God should never waiver. If my religion dissipates, my love for the Father or Son never changes. I will be a believer until the day I die, regardless of what religions exist or what church I attend. And that is what any JW’s or any person in religion should meditate on. I speak from the heart, not to offend, to liberate. To allow those freedom in Christ. To break the chains that were once placed upon my back. To assist those willing to be courageous. If anyone has questions I’m here, and I’m always willing to learn, and I’m always willing to acknowledge that I could be wrong about anything.
    As God says:
    “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

    One last thing Marcus, thank you for sharing the correct name of the son. I heard it once in my life.. and it was not pronounced Jesus. I asked God to hear the correct pronunciation.. and the closest spelling I could come up with was Yeshua. I heard it clear as day, one word. Yeshua. But lets not get all tied up about using the correct pronunciation, if you know it, Great for you.. if you dont’, that’s okay too, God reads your heart, and I don’t think he is going to hold it against you, if you haven’t come to an accurate pronounciation of his name.

    Kind regards.

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