They Tell Me “The Truth” Is One Religion

Good morning Brother.  I was speaking to my mom and she is so adamant about one true religion existing and that it’s the Jehovah Witnesses. I see her studying the  Watchtower in conjunction with her bible.. And she points at the Watchtower with the end of her pen and says “You see, this is why religion is important!” An observation I’ve made through the years, is that its always the Watchtower and books of the society that teach there is one true religion or organization. Once I began reading the Word for myself, apart from the influence of the society books, I realized what the Word said. It wasn’t until I did that , that I was able to distinguish from the mis-interpretations the society has made, just like many others have misinterpreted.

John 11:25 says: “Jesus said to her: I Am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises Faith in me, even though he dies will come to life. And everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die.” Jesus laid down his life for ALL believers. Not a denomination. We choose our denomination, but its the belief in the same Son of Jehovah, Jesus, that you and I share, among other believers in Jesus. In the end religion will be done away with, we are going to be one big group as a Jehovah Witness recently told me. Exactly! So why place emphasis now, on what is destined to be done away with? Instead we should focus on what will never die. In that which is eternal. And I trust and put full confidence in what his Word says. And I thank God for the discernment given me, enabling me to clearly see where the mis-interpretations of the Watchtower and Awake have failed me.

6 thoughts on “They Tell Me “The Truth” Is One Religion

  1. The problem is that everybody, every religion and every school of thought believe that they, and only they, can properly interpret the Word and they, and only they, have an open line with God. As Ludwig Feuerbach once observed, “It’s the dream of the human mind.”

    1. Well Brother, we come from a different school, one that understands it is not the insignificant differences that we should be focused on, but rather the things that bring us together and into harmony with God, his son Jesus, and the Holy spirit; And all the many wonderful Brothers and Sisters we have throughout the World. Thank you for commenting!

  2. We should look to the future and should get to see the real value of the human Nazarene Jeshua (Jesus Christ). In Christianity there are still too many Christians who do not accept Christ Jesus for whom he really was. It is a shame that they do not want to believe that a human being could be faith full to God.

    We should now that God as eternal Spirit can not die but Jesus really did die for the sins of many. He also is now the mediator between God and men. In him (Jesus) we do have the best representative by the creator God, Jehovah, who is the Only One God whom we should love like Jesus loved his Father.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Let me ask you a question, your comment bring something to mind. I had been asking God to hear his name, to hear the correct pronunciation of it. I was raised taught it was Jehovah, but I know that’s not the right pronunciation. One morning as I arose early around 5am, I heard one word. You mention Jeshua, that is what brings this to mind. I heard Yahshua. Now, clearly its a verly close pronunciation, and I have heard the pronunciation Jeshua or [Yeshua] before, have you heard it for yourself? and Can you spell it out phonetically if you have. I think its a very interesting topic. One thing to remember is, we can so easily get caught up and focused on the right pronunciation, and then judge others for not having the correct once, but I know Jesus understands who we are serving in our hearts, and he hears us no matter. I did truly feel the privilege that morning on hearing it for myself. One Word. Quick. Defined. Powerful. And so uplifting.

  3. The Hebrew tetragrammaton for the Creator God is pronounced Jai-Ho-Va and not Dzee-Jo- Vah like in the English Jesus. The real Hebrew name for Jesus is Jeshua, which means Jehovah saves, from there the name of God in the sounding of the Messiah his name, and having the sound you heard.

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