Conscientious Awareness

“If I can be the gateway to my own breathing living hell, through the conscientious power of my imaginative mind by bringing the imagined into my reality, then I can also be the gateway to my own breathing living paradise on earth.”

~JRock 8/8/13

[I’ve always heard throughout my life, as we all have, the importance of a positive frame of mind. How attitude is everything. I was thinking today about my previous experiences in life, as the above quote I wrote reflects upon, and I arrived at a marvelous revelation.

That our minds are more powerful than I ever imagined. Why? Because at moments in my life, I have literally felt like I was a living breathing doorway to hell, like things were coming into existence and into my reality, because of my conscientious awareness, simply by imagining them, or drawing them in by my conduct or behavior. So then, we conclude it as a matter of factual evidence, that if I’m able to create my own hell, through the power of my mind, then why not create my own paradise!

Think about that for a second, by our willful thoughts, that are positive, it enables us to actually create and build our future, by our mere thoughts. We will our ideas into our reality. Our minds are the architects of our lives. That’s incredibly en-powering to realize, that’s why Joel Osteen said:

Recognize what you have, God has already given it to you. I just connected that right now, as I’m writing. We don’t need something extraordinary, we already have it. Our minds.

So, I embolden you, my love, to exercise and harness the unlimited power of your mind, to ensure it’s aligned and in harmony with God’s will, therefore allowing you to lay the foundation of your magnificent future.]

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