Free Tickets To All!


Join me in my dilema
Free tickets to all at this cinema!
Be warned, it’s a gory show
For you of those that don’t know.
I’m full of complimentary artifacts
Red, White, And Blue
Behind it, it’s true.
They gave me fibers, tubes and metal pieces
This is my working thesis.
Every now and then they peek out
They want to know what is going on, on the outside
And I want to know what is going on in the inside.
I and them are now one
The fun has just begun.
They get pretty defensive if they sense any threat
Leave them alone is maybe my best bet.
What are they taking?
Close the dam blinds, I’m baking!
Everything has gone to hell
Is this my bid farewell?
What the heck,
Oww, another black speck.
You see they are in alliance,
Getting mad at me for my defiance.
They were promised the world and fame
That’s why we’re getting treated like game.
But in the end
They will bend.
The very ones they shook hands with
Will swarm them to hell and into the abyss.
This is the story I’ve told
The Lord is our stronghold.


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