A Shameful Earning

Again, its ALL about love.

And with that love, it propels us to give. I have to admit something which I’m ashamed to admit but I must, for by admitting it to you, I aim to rectify my mis-conduct through the shame that it brings me.  I have not given to the Lord in a few months, which I was doing regularly.

That’s a shame, the very hand that feeds me, I’ve been neglecting, not that he needs it-the monetary finances, but my brothers and sisters in my family do need it. By giving, I help support this family of brothers and sisters in the world. I help provide food at their table, both spiritual and material. I have been neglecting the very hand who aided me in acquiring this position which I currently have. I must remember the hand that causes me to wake, the hand that causes me to have food, my health, my family. Forgive me Lord  for overlooking you, for putting you second in this matter and for misappropriating the monies which you’ve given me to earn. I cannot change the past, however, I can and must provide the support that is much needed today and forward.

A wise man understand he must take care of his family, both spiritual and immediate. A wise man has full faith that everything he gives will be given back, and not that there is any need for him to be paid back by God, for living this life is his payment already.

As you are about to see, I have been robbing my brothers and sisters, which is why I entitled this piece “A Shameful Earning”, meaning I have failed miserably and have let months go by without donating a single dime. Sure, I have helped others in the Word, encouraged, and uplifted, but that is not what it is all about. I must be well rounded and remember who opened the door to provide me this opportunity to earn the money I’m earning. Three different times I have found myself on unemployement and down to my last check, down to my last dollar, and guess what? Every time on three different occasions  the Lord has come through and opened a door leading me to secure employement.  And I mean from one week to another. Now that’s planning.  That’s what you call ‘Opening Doors’. That’s vision. That’s what you call Grace. The third time it happened, I was in a state of disbelief yet full of security and peace, knowing he had me in the palm of his hands. Which is why I even feel more ashamed as I write to you these words. What a horrible man I’ve become. I have dealt treacherously and unjustly. I have tipped the scales in my favor and all but forgotten how I have arrived here. It’s God words who are strong against us who forget to give to the hand that gives, not mine.

Here is what the Word says in Malachi:

6For I am Jehovah; I have not changed. And ​YOU​ are sons of Jacob; ​YOU​ have not come to ​YOUR​ finish.7From the days of ​YOUR​ forefathers ​YOU​ have turned aside from my regulations and have not kept [them]. Return to me, and I will return to ​YOU,” Jehovah of armies has said.

And ​YOU​ have said: “In what way shall we return?”

8“Will earthling man rob God? But ​YOU​ are robbing me.”

And ​YOU​ have said: “In what way have we robbed you?”

“In the tenth parts and in the contributions.9With the curse ​YOU​ are cursing [me], and me ​YOU​ are robbing—the nation in its entirety.10Bring all the tenth parts into the storehouse, that there may come to be food in my house; and test me out, please, in this respect,” Jehovah of armies has said, “whether I shall not open to ​YOU​ people the floodgates of the heavens and actually empty out upon ​YOU​ a blessing until there is no more want.”

11“And I will rebuke for ​YOU​ the devouring one, and it will not ruin for ​YOU​ the fruit of the ground, nor will the vine in the field prove fruitless for ​YOU,” Jehovah of armies has said.

12“And all the nations will have to pronounce ​YOU​ happy, for ​YOU​ yourselves will become a land of delight,” Jehovah of armies has said.

Forgive me my family in Faith, I am a man, weak and frail, alone and dying  but with the fire of God inside me, I’m strong, alive, and truly LIVING!

~J 7/29/13

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