Uplifting Between Spiritual Friends-The Best Kind

Thank you my good friend. This is the Renee[named changed for privacy] I absolutely LOVE and ADMIRE. It makes you shine brilliantly above all. It brings to life verse nine of chapter one

9.For they are a wreath of attractiveness to your head and a fine necklace to your throat.
Hearing you speak this way is so pleasant and magnetic. And Renee, you are now wearing the Wreath. Wear it proudly, remember even when the devil and his goons win a round, cause they surely will in this life long fight, we get back up, cause that’s just one round, but we never quit, we continue figthing, gaining more wisdom and strength and through Jesus Christ our Lord, we will surely be victorious in this battle. Alone I cannot do it, but with God, everything is possible.

I’m so glad we laid this foundation of our friendship. Little did I know how critically important it was going to be. You see now that I truly need this uplifting you are here doing it for me. It takes two Renee. What if I would of never mentioned any of this to you? Would you be on this path? Would you be here sharing Proverbs, the Word, and uplifting me in my time of need?

Romans 1:12: Let there be an interchange of encouragement among you, each through the other’s faith.

So, I thank God, the fire in you is growing,  because I need you. You, we have a family to support of brothers and sisters, of brothers and sisters who the enemy is going after and others that have yet to find their way, and still others who are discouraged and are at a point of losing faith and hope and we MUST aid them when the opportunity arises, we must encourage them, guide them, not merely through our own strength, but by the strength placed in us through our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. This is our career. This is the most rewarding of them all. By doing this we truly love one another and reign victorious.

And by doing so, he will straighten our paths and guide us as it says in the next chapter of Proverbs. Chapter 3-Trust in Lord (Yahweh, Jehovah, the Father, whichever one makes you feel closer to him, they are all the same and pointing to the Almighty, he knows when you read it and say it and carry it in your heart who you are thinking of) with all your heart and do NOT lean upon your own understanding. Take notice of him in all your ways and he himself will set your paths straight.


Okay, so I need to admit I’ve read somemore of this negative stuff. My curiousity propelled me to do so. But you know it makes me appreciate the Lord that much more. I promise. Reading about the dark, about the occult, specifically this one portion which I will not name, but it was purported to be by the writer a magnificient piece and to any reader an obvious display of non human wisdom making it’s value of the highest order. However, I beg to differ. Because I see the distinct differences in the fluidity. In the wisdom. Im not in disagreeance that it is of a non human source, but it originates in darkness, in direct opposition to the Light, and let me tell you something.. Thanks to our Lord that when he used these men to write the bible through the means of his Holy Spirit, it wasnt in RIDDLES , and so complex as so we could not understand it. Its straightforward, its smooth, I dont have to spend a exorbitant amount of time trying to read between the lines as to what this means, and what that means, granted in certain books of the bible yes you do, but there is a distinguishably clarity and goodness about it. You know that what your reading is for your benefit, NOT for your demise.  That other stuff I read, I mean you’d have to be a moron to actually put it in practice, it’ll consume you whole and spit on your grave. But I thank the Lord, he is the way he is, constant, TRUTH, light, he really loves us, he seeks to guide us for us to really enjoy life. Not as the opposition to seek ourselves first, to be prideful, to kill our brothers, to encourage us to fill ourselves with ecstascy forgetting everyone else, to take, take take, to love, love love, no matter who it is, or who we hurt in the process, its all about ME, ME, ME. I’d rather suffer for humankind for the sake of goodness, that join in some gratifying short-lived debauchery that only serves myself. There is more pleasure in giving than receiving any day of the week.

Yes I’ve fallen many of times, a victim of the tempting illusions the wicked continously play before my minds eye, but I do not give up, I stand back up, I throw more blows, I pick up the sword and my spiritual weapons and continue forward in battle, in my faith, in my hope, in my conviction that OUR Heavently Father will forgive me for my (our) shortcomings throught his son Jesus Christ and he WILL come through as promised; because he is dependable, and he will place an end to the opposition as promised, and I take confidence knowing that he has us in the palm of his hands. And if this is so, it releases me from all worry in the world. For those that call on his name with faith shall never be dissapointed.

[Provers 2-} The purpose is that you may walk in the way of good people and that the paths of the righteous ones you may keep.21For the upright are the ones that will reside in the earth, and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it.22As regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the very earth; and as for the treacherous, they will be torn away from it.

Your brother in Faith, Love, and Hope

Published by Benmadley777

My aim is to help others make sense of their own lives, by sharing the failures and misfortunes of mine. Misfortune and failure lead a man to the unmistakable clarity of his deception- That there is no need, nor room for God, because he himself is self sufficient, well educated, rich and capable. The more the man stays his ground, holding fast to his position- the more suffering he shall bring into his life. Suffering is the ground upon which elimination of the false occurs and perception of the Truth begins. After enough time is spent courting Misery, Pain, Humiliation, Slavery, Emptiness, one seeks to stop the bleeding. Some men prefer to bleed their way to death rather than admit their ignorance; that their way will never work. While other men, surrender, which is the beginning of knowledge. By surrendering the man does not fall, he rises and steps foot upon the path of Eternal Wisdom and Truth. It is the path that leads to Eternal Life- the pursuit of knowledge, is the pursuit of Almighty God- Man's Creator. *If you have questions, concerns, need direction, prayer, you may email me.* I do not charge for what Almighty God has given me freely. Bhines7165@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Uplifting Between Spiritual Friends-The Best Kind

  1. Well, J, I took your advice and read one of your posts, and I believe now even more that my decision was the right one. You and I have very different thoughts and feelings about what is important. Suffering for the good of “humankind” is no longer the way I want to live my life. Rather, I believe that being joyful is the best way to show my faith in humankind. I never agreed with the self-sacrificial nature of Christianity, favoring instead gathering in happiness in praise of that which is greater than ourselves.

    I’m very sorry that we are so far apart in this part of our thinking — I cannot, however, reject all that I have learned since I left the Christian church and became a member of the global body of humanity. I know you will be able to find any number of faithful Christians with whom to share the joys and cares of life. I hope that you do. But I also hope that your mind is open to all of the good in the world outside of your particular faith. It is there. And just because something arises from other than Christianity doesn’t mean that it automatically arises out of darkness.

    I wish you the very best, but I’ll continue to be my spiritual self, thank you anyway. Best wishes, J.


      1. No — I have no spiritual affliction, but thanks for asking. As I said, my spirit and I are just fine — in fact happier and more at peace than when I was a pastor in the United Methodist system. I do not consider your faith an affliction, and I firmly support your right to believe what you will. I would expect similar treatment in return. Thanks for your concern.


        1. Ms.Atwood, I was referring to the medical aspect. I apologize about not conveying that in my last message. About religion, whether your Methodist, Catholic, or another denomination, what difference exist is meaningless, because Jesus laid down his life for believers, not for a denomination. Do they not all believe and depend on the same Jesus for salvation.


        2. My medical situation has felt like an affliction of my spirit, earlier in my life. I am pleased to say I have finally made peace with my body’s frailties; this was another step on my journey which took years so confront — finally, now, I accept the conditions of my life. For a terribly long time, I hated diabetes, and hated myself for having it. I am happy to say that time is now in the past, and I am comfortable in my life. I apologize for my overreaction — obviously, I need to examine where that leap of reaction came from. I agree that Jesus laid down his life, although I feel he did so for everyone, including those who do not believe he was the son of God. I am personally a member of that group, but I do the best I can to live by the example of Jesus’ life.


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