The Paw Of The Dog

The following is from Psalms 22:

For dogs have surrounded me;
The assembly of evildoers themselves have enclosed me.
Like a lion [they are at] my hands and my feet

Do deliver from the sword my soul,
My only one from the very paw of the dog;
Save me from the mouth of the lion,
And from the horns of wild bulls you must answer [and save] me.

I was speaking to a friend the other day about an obversation I made in regards to one of the forms evil tends to manifest itself into. The form of a dog. I had read the above scripture before and at first read I conceptualized it referred to mere men seeking to annihilate David. But something within me told me there was more to this. Notice the line “My only one from the Paw of the Dog”. That line stood out.

Here recently within the last few months as I increasingly grow stronger in Christ, so does the target on my back. The vicious mongrels smell the power of Christ in me. They wish to rip my flesh to shreds. It’s not that they fear me, it’s that they fear the Power of Christ inside me.

Evil is completely opposite of Good. Light is completely opposite of Dark. This may not mean anything to your reality but it does mine, and here it is, what is opposite of God? Dog. Don’t get lost in what I’m saying.  The devil and his doormen love to defy God. Defy the order. Reverse, to be in complete opposition. They flip flop images and words. Therefore, that’s one of the reasons  they choose this form- its opposite.

I read a piece of a book, that Lord forgive me I should not have, but in it said “When you hear the sound of what sounds similar to that of hounds calling, you best retreat.” And this wasnt a book of good energy.

A dog has presented itself into my reality on more than one occasion. And so it has into the reality of my friend whom I shared this story with recently. And so it did with David.

The Paw of the Dog, is the Paw of the Devil, the dogs who surround him are demons/entities seeking to devour his soul. But David fears nothing because he relies upon our Sovereign Heavenly Father.

The dogs were released on me today. They found me in solitude. Alone. So they thought. I smashed their paws with the migthy sword of my Heavenly Father. I burnt their mongrel backs with the fire of the Holy Spirit that was placed in me by my Heavenly Father. I took their rabid bark and transformed it into a whimpering cry.  I called upon the same one to aid me, the same one who David called upon to aid him, the one true and only deliverer.

So it is with great fortitude, my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, and to those who still haven’t arrived but are on thier way, that when dogs surround you, you remember our experiences, our hardships, and more importantly than all that, you remember your deliverer- Yahweh-Jehovah, and His mighty Son Jesus Christ.

I leave you with this:

2 Samuel verse 2 David sang this song to the Lord after he had rescued him

“Jehovah is my rock,

My fortress and my Savior.

I will hide in God,

Who is my rock and my refuge.

He is my shield

And my salvation,

My refuge and high tower.

Thank you, O my Savior,

For saving me from all my enemies.

The waves of Death surrounded me;

Floods of evil burst upon me;

I was trapped, and bound by hell and death;

But I called upon the Lord in my distress,

And he heard me!

I fear not the paw of the Dog. I fear the hand of my Heavenly Father. ~ Jrock 7/4/13

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