Learn To See

Learn to see not with thy eyes but with thy spirit.

I was bent over forward, mouth wide open, with a slithering coming up from within. A deep sickening. But this was good. They were being expelled from the inside out. Although I could not visible see with my human eye what form this was, I could sense it, I could feel it, and I could certainly distinguish it.

Why have all these senses if not to utilize them? I need not see something with these human eyes in order to know its there; to know it stands before me.

We can at times be so adamant about seeing a thing with our human eyes in order to believe it exist, throwing all caution to the wind, and forgetting like uneducated beast, that God gave us other senses of perception. When the eyes cannot fix themselves upon a thing, which they were not composed into creation for perceiving, then we must exercise the other senses we are equipped with.

The minds of those who choose to continue sleeping, choose to remain ignorant. Arise O sleeper, as all those asleep did before thee.

Stay tuned because this is part one of a series on ‘Learning to See’.

[I apologize to those who follow my blog for the lack of eloquence, but here as of late, I find things intentionally perturbing me as I sit before the computer to write. My thoughts well organized prior to sitting, then upon sitting they become inter-twined and no longer flowing, they are reduced to a slow trickle, no longer sure on how to arrive upon the destination. The irony is the very apparatus I’m using to disseminate knowledge is the one preventing me from writing it.]

J ~7/1/13

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