There is a distinct difference between righteous and

There is a distinct difference between righteous and unrighteous; between good and evil. At times we can become inpatient with God. We examine ourselves as ‘good’ yet observe those we deem as wicked having success. The realization can leave our worship and dedication to God in question. We may ask ourselves: “Why not serve the other? Why not make a deal with the devil in return for what it is I seek?”

Not too long ago I read a news article about a man who claimed to have made a pact with the devil. He claims to of sold his soul in return for riches and in fact won the lottery. Millions. The devil tempts us all in unique individual ways. As we know he’s not alone. His supporting cast includes an army of wicked angels and each have the same agenda. Why not join the other side? Simple. Nothing in their agenda includes YOU. That’s the difference between good and evil. When I contemplate the evil I’ve experienced in this world, when I contemplate when I myself have had evil all around, there was only one thing on my mind. And that was ME. Not God. Not my family. Not my neighbors. Me. Me. Me. And only Me. Don’t get it twisted. The devil and his army, yes, they’ll make a deal with you, but it’s not so that you’ll prosper. It’s so that you’ll fail. The doomed General and his army are marching into a battle where their fate is already sealed- in failure.

My advice- stick with the King of Kings. The only true God. The one that makes promises and doesn’t break them. The one who does NOT think of himself first. The one who delivers. The one who has already delivered to us ALL, in the greatest show of love possible, his only son. That act of love offers life. The only thing the devil is peddling is death. So, don’t lose patience. Endure your falls. Endure your hardships. Never reason you’re forgotten. Never give up on God and he’ll never give up on you.

[Romans 12:21 “Do not let yourself be conquered by evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.”]

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