A Thoughtful Morning

Scene: Driving to work. Direction: North on Expressway.

A thought entered my head as I prayed this morning with my eyes intently focused at the sky: “If I could only behold for a moment, Lord, the grandness of your creation above. Allow me Lord, I plead,  to see what these eyes I possess cannot but what the heart of my soul certainly can. The row upon row of legions, holding the celestial powers at your word. Please Lord, give them thanks for their continued worship and encouragement, for their hardships, for their sacrifices and steadfastness. Embrace them in behalf of us all, in effect, allowing them to feel the magnitude of our gratuity and our love. So they may know fully that they are remembered. Not that you Lord, are not already doing so, but as a reminder that us mortals in all our fleshy imperfection recall them to our minds because we together with them are united; united in willful service. And our beings together harmoniously rejoice, giving undying thanks that we have a God like no other before or ever after. Let this embrace fall upon not only them but to all of your marvelous creation that which we know not of. I ask Father to please allow me to see with the eyes of my soul that which the eyes of my flesh cannot.

I read once: When thinking of God -don’t think rational. Rational are things associated with earthly things- the things we see with our eyes. We must think in terms of irrational to understand the spiritual.

~Jrock 04/10/13

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