I pray for those visiting my blog, not through any special powers of my own, but through that of our God; that through our combined collective efforts we continue forward, never back. That together we sing praise not only with our mouths but with the spirit of our souls. If our tongues should one day no longer obey our commands, may our souls continue with glorious praise.

 To our Grand Creator: “May your ears hear our petitions and make speed to our entreaties. We plead, Father, that you as our Creator continue being supreme. That your love continues reigning victorious. That our cisterns are filled brim over with your Holy Spirit. Please guide our spirits to the fountain that quenches all thirst; the fountain that your spirit itself waters. May we in ALL our ways, take notice of you, thereby, allowing you to set our paths straight. Love us Lord as you always have, and let your heart be softened at our repeated failures, remembering that we are flesh, prone to error, prone to things of this earth, Which man alive can be good like you? Thank you for giving us your Son, and for he himself, willingly, giving himself for us all.  In Jesus name I pray,


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