In The Moment

Each day I’m striving to live in the moment. To adapt my mind, body, and spirit to be fully present in the here and now; because it so often on its own accord delights itself by drifting into the past or musing romantically about the future.

In earlier years I prevented myself from being able to comprehend the magnitude of the abilities within my possession. I was busily drumming them down with intoxicating substances. When I keep in mind that tomorrow is not promised, that death is a absolute guarantee, it allows me to seize ahold of complacency and cast it off into oblivion. With my contentment now vanquished and my impeding death imminent, I’m more alive than ever.

My deadened senses are exhumed to vitality. A once lackluster existence radiates an allure of texturized brilliance. I now promenade enchanted in a world of beauty, marvel, and exquisiteness; achieved by holding death in hand. This inexplicable dream of life that has become reality I can not arise from, nor would I ever desire to. This dream I truly live. There is no pause, no forward, no going back; only the here and now of today.

At the precipice of our disaster we take heed of our mortality.

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