I’m understanding more and more what it is to be truly rich. Why are the one’s without a dime to their name rich? Because being poor means being humble. I’d much rather sit at a table with the poor than the social elite. I’d rather sit with humility than arrogance… any day of the week. The poor offer the best commodity available- themselves. It’s what we carry inside our hearts and souls that topple mountains. Society may say “oh they are nothing but trash”, but there is one thing I understand. God don’t make trash. We may decide to act like trash, but those are simply actions.

Check out this powerful scripture I came across the morning:

Matthew 23:11 “The more lowly your service to others, the greater you are. To be the greatest, be a servant. But those who think themselves great shall be disappointed; and all those who humble themselves shall be exalted.”

[Just in case you don’t know who was speaking in Matthew it was Jesus]

I’ve been telling myself lately I have nothing to offer. I don’t have the financial stability a woman seeks. I don’t have a career. Til this past Friday I didn’t even have a job. My car is six years old! I live with my parents. I’m dirt poor. But you know what? I’m rich in spirit. I’m rich in Faith. If I fell over and died right now in this moment, there is not a single material possession I would take with me. So I ask you what good are they? They are good at blinding us from seeing the true identity of others. Why think I’m on top of the world because of my possessions or because of my money, or that someone won’t love me because I’m poor. Boy, do I have a response to that. Jesus and his Father love me and you without us owning a single thing, without us having a single penny in our hands. As I was told last night by a kind beautiful woman “you do have things to offer”. You have yourself. And so do you.

Lastly, let us always be humble and thankful, remembering that if Jesus our Lord knelt down and washed the dirt trodden feet of others, then so can we.

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