What We Control- Our Emotion

It’s past midnight and my mind races. Anxiety attempts to set in. The sound of a sharp pop emanates from my wrist as I nervously flick it. My eyes are closed but all I hear is “I need”. I need whiter teeth. I need surgery again on this dam broken finger.  A violent vision of me smashing my remote against the wall in haste flashes in my head. I need that house in Frisco I saw on YouTube thirty minutes ago with the swirling wood-metal staircase rising  up to the second floor. I need to be in love. I need tomorrow to be great. I need a new car. I need so much I can’t sleep. I need sleep but it evades me. I need prosperity but it defies me. I need this world to stop telling me all the things I need and I need to stop listening.

As I close my eyes re-attempting to gain rest, I hear “What you need is to remember never to need anything to make you happy. Be happy right now. It’s your choice son.” The more I focus on all the things I need the more my happiness fades. A few months, ago as I tried to solve the unsolvable equation of life, I drifted upon two connected inseparable truths. I realized there is only one thing in this life I control, it’s how I choose to feel. Everything else, I have no real hold on. Giving further thought to the matter I thought of Jesus, in particularly when they asked him in Matthew 22:37 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment of them all?” In which he replied “To love God with your whole heart, with your whole soul and with your whole mind. And the second one like it is this: to love your neighbor.”

Think about that for a moment, a long moment. The two greatest commandments stem from a emotion. Which an emotion is what? It nothing more than how we feel. And that’s when it hit me, that’s when I connected the two. The way we escape the ugliness of the world and achieve victory in this life is by understanding the one thing we control. What is it we control? How we feel. Jesus knew it and it’s exactly what he advised us to do. The best part about it, it doesn’t cost a dime. We ALL can afford it. You hear that jingle? That’s the key you’ve been looking for. The key is on your key ring. That’s just not any old run of the mill key. That key gives you access to the richest gold depository in the universe. All you have to do is open the door. Stop standing on the sidewalk peering through the window and walk in- love. That’s how we win.

~I must give thanks, to the Lord, for it is through he that I am capable~JR

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