A Sexual Realization

Tom: Would you like me to reveal a secret to you?

Judith: Yes. Tell me

Tom: Okay, well I heard this a few years ago and its stuck with me.

Judith: Okay.

Tom: I know you say we are not an item, that we aren’t officially together but you’re about to realize the truth. This guy was saying that when you sleep with someone, it’s more than sex EVEN if we don’t realize it.

Judith: OMG

Tom: He contd: When you have sex with someone you literally become one. How? You’re actually gluing your spirits together…That’s how God created us, to become one. That’s why we are so strongly desiring each other already. We have already started this bonding process. The glue may not be all the way hardened, but our spirits have already begun laying crazy glue.

Tom: Almost done, you with me so far?

Judith: :0 Yes babe I’m with you.

Tom: Okay, now that’s why it’s so important to be faithful because if you begin sleeping around with multiple people or even one other, it’s like leaving little pieces of yourself all scattered about and by doing so ensures failure. Why? And this hit me hard because I was always cheating and guilty of this type of behavior. We will wind up lost, unsure of ourselves, not knowing anything for certain. We are being pulled in many different directions by the gluing affect of the people we are sleeping with. We are being pulled one way, then another, like marbles falling upon the floor. Our spirits want to become one. They want to follow the innate quality they possess. If we choose to deliberately forgo his instructions and have sex before marriage we should understand the ramifications.

So babe please understand that although you may think we are NOT together, we very much ARE. And take care of us, as I take care of you. Try your best not to sleep with anyone else and I’ll promise to do the same. That’s why sometimes it’s so hard to leave someone even if you are not in love anymore, even if you feel and know they aren’t meant for you, you may even be separated now for some time yet still having these feelings that make you think you want to go back, that you still want them, and that’s why. It is not because they are meant for you.

Judith: Buy the jacket or no?

Tom: Ugh, Sometimes talking to you is like speaking into a microphone at a mall when no one is listening yet steadily passing by.


A note outside of the conversation: That’s the concept of marriage, to become one. God has his instructions for a reason even if we don’t understand them or take time to.  Matt 19:6 “So that they are no longer two, but one flesh.” When we decide to take it upon our shoulders and say no God I got this, I’m just gonna kind of bypass your institution of marriage that you set up for a reason, that’s when we suffer the consequences of our decision. One scripture that comes to mind is : Jude 1:21 “Stay within the boundaries where God’s love can reach you and bless you.”


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