When Do You Feel Closest to God?

“It felt awesome talking to you about God. Those moments when I’m in his word and sharing it with others, I feel an incomparable joy and happiness; especially when I feel for those one or two brief seconds that physical sensation that I can best describe as a momentary chill throughout my body, it confirms within me, that at that precise moment my body and soul is in unison with the Lord. ”

A few years ago I was a prayer partner for a local Christian TV network. I would answer the phone taking pledges and also offer prayers for those requesting one. I found myself immersed in the Lord’s work for 8 hours straight. My heart was striving to help others draw closer to God. I wanted to give back for all the Lord has done for me. I found myself not seeing eye to eye with the company founders. After a week there I could see what they were really after: money. I would glance up at the televisions during the pledge drive and could see the lack of sincerity in their eyes. I contemplated quitting, yet I continued because I knew that I was there for the right reasons. This was a learning experience. I never had found myself in a position where I could pray for complete strangers hour after hour. That physical sensation I referred to earlier, this is where I first experienced it. I experienced a brief momentary physical chill during a prayer with someone. I distinctly remember my mind attempting to rationalize this sensation as perhaps me getting sick. The chill felt similar to a chill one gets when catching a cold. A short time later that day I remember feeling that feeling again. It was not on every call that I was praying on, I think it occurred maybe three times that day. I recall that each time I felt this sensation after closing the prayer, the person who was on the other end of the phone always commented something special;their words were always kind, sincere, letting me know in a way it was a special moment. No matter who this person was or what part of the nation or world they were calling from, our names didn’t matter, at that moment, our hearts and souls were both united under God requesting his ear, and he let us know loud and clear he was there. I was taken back, literally. How could this be? A complete stranger in some part of the world I’ve never met… feel the same thing, and then confirm it through their kind words? Well, that’s how the Lord works. The pledge drive was for two weeks. Toward the end of the pledge drive I took a photo of myself. My face was beaming from the inside out. I recall thinking this is the happiest I’ve looked in a long, long time. That feeling I felt back then, I come to realize through close observation, I only feel when I’m in his word, when sharing his word with others. That is when my heart seems to burst at the seems with overwhelming joy, when true love seeps through my pores, because I’m doing what I’ve been called to do. Although, I’ve fallen many more times than I’ve stood, although I’ve fallen victim to sin numerous times, although I sinned this morning, here in this moment… I’m doing what I do best. What I’ve been called to do. What we have all been called to do. First, love God with your whole heart, whole soul, and whole mind, then the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors. I hope you’ll share your own experience on what you feel. How does the Lord let you personally know he is right their next to you? Let us embark together on a journey with the steward as our heavenly father. With that type of direction, how can we go wrong? Please take time to share on anopenmindedexistence.

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