Quite refreshing the experience today. I visited the Kingdom Hall(a local Church). I haven’t attended a Church in approximately a month and a half. Regardless whether I believe in some of their doctrines or I have my reservations about them, they do teach thoroughly, which I admire. I felt good visiting as I listened attentively among others. That is not to say I felt good because it is indeed the “truth” as the members refer to it but rather because it’s a man’s attempt to draw closer to his creator even with all his imperfections and if he hasn’t in quite some time through the local Church, and one has been truly seeking God, and trying to live as best he can from what he sees as sin or immorality, then the visit refreshes one’s soul. Like drinking a glass of fresh chilled water after running a race.

However, if this person has been unable to desist from his immoral behavior, if he has failed to lose the vicious grip that attempts to weigh him down, if he finds himself doing what he feels he shouldn’t, which is not only against himself but against God, then the visit becomes dreadful, painful; it becomes antagonizing to one’s mind to the point of disgustful anger or contempt. The flesh screams, bidding us to leave at once. As we hear it’s voice speak, it tells us various reasons why we need not listen, need not obey, need not submit to anyone, after all we are intellectual beings, why should we submit ourselves to these feelings of unworthiness? MY life does not need adjusting. This is MY life, I’ll live it how I choose and indulge in what makes ME happy. This is the only life I have therefore I’ll do as I please, it’s time to get up and go! Pride showing precisely where it originates- our flesh.

Our spirit though knows better, -is wiser. It fights back bringing to mind the things we’ve learned, the scriptures written upon the tablet of our hearts. Our spirit’s remarkable grace and ability to do so, due to our innate relationship to our Heavenly Father. Just as through my earthly father I inherited traits that others are able to recognize and therefore say: You look just like your father. You have your mother’s eyes. Boy, you sure are a great athlete, just like your father was. In that same sense our spirits who were given life through our Heavenly Father, they speak to us as well. They speak to us against the sayings of our flesh. And since we undoubtedly know it’s voice is wiser, considering it’s source of wisdom is not man’s which is prone to corruptness, failure, prone to error and mistakes; then we understand it’s wisdom is derived from our glorious Creator who’s found the Earth in its grand magnificence, who is not prone to error, who can be trusted beyond a shadow of a doubt, who is infallible. Therefore, by knowing this it clearly tells us which voice and whose words we should allow to reside within our hearts, whose words we should meditate upon and live through and in harmony with; thus allowing ourselves to feel an incomparable lasting joy, allowing us to be one step closer in understanding and experiencing what words of men vainly attempt to describe- what love truly is. Which voice will you choose to listen to today?

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