A Conversation Between Two Friends

Matt: I’ve been falling off hermano. Seems like my goals that I have set out are being accomplished and I am not picking up the Book as I used to. As if I only used it to get to where I wanted to be. I should feel ashamed, huh? Any words of encouragement?

Timothy: Good morning brother. Before any words of encouragement are offered, first I offer words of a different sort, though they may sting, allow them to penetrate deep into the marrow of your bones. Ask yourself: How would you feel if someone only recalled you to mind, while in their misery? And the thought of you never embarking upon the forefront of their minds during splendidity, of their grandest achievements or most joyous occasions. What can be said of such a person?

Now for the words you first inquired of. The primary thing to always remember is that which can never be taken away from a man: people, places, or possessions, can all be stripped from a man, impeding him upon dire circumstances, the good Book can be removed from one’s possession, even more reason to study it passionately while one has the opportunity, however, the one thing, the primary thing is prayer, speaking to Him, that which no man can take from another.

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