Faith and Dependance

Do you have Faith , lasting Faith? If God told you he would heal you now, here in this moment, would you have the Faith to believe it? In that moment..when we hear those words our connection is one with God, the message is clear: Our true Faith believes Him, it believes in His Son, it believes in his almighty power. Moments later, however, the reality of our imperfection sinks in. We doubt. Just a few seconds ago we possessed the Faith to move mountains and not even five minutes later we question whether it was God speaking to us at all.

“I am truly sorry my Lord, I completely believe in you. I believe in your almighty everlasting power. I am sorry for doubting but I am plagued by this inescapable body of imperfection and due to this my mind doubts although my soul firmly believes. I ask you humbly for forgiveness and to peer into my heart for that is where my Faith resides. It resides not with my mind, it resides with my spirit. In the moments I feel most alive, in the moments I feel without limits, in those moments it is when my spirit is in union with yours. My spirit calls upon your mighty name Jehovah, upon that of your son Jesus, and the blessed helper that through each other you have charged to be our aid.

Please hear me Lord. I understand that I need you, that without you I have limits, with you exist none. I willfully surrender and acknowledge that I need you, and that it is through that recognition that brings glory upon you. It exemplifies you and places upon you my trust, my forbearance, it unifies us together allowing those to see I am not alone; it is only through realizing my dependance that I have become free and empowered. Alone I am just one. With you I belong to a loving family, a family who continues growing each and every day consisting of those in my form and those of another, those brothers and sisters here on earth and those in heaven who are majestic in their miraculous way, together we stand as an army, resilient, unmoving yet filled with compassion and together we understand that at any moment of need or distress, we have you. We have you who speaks for us when it is that we cannot, it is your voice that commands and leads this loving army to rise, to intervene, to protect, to relieve, to bring us comfort, to bring us endurance, to instill into our spirits everlasting Faith and Dependance.

Thank you for commencing in me today that which yesterday I was not ready for, but today together with you I certainly am. I plead this through your loving son, Jesus Christ.



Inspiration shown today Jeremiah chapter 1.

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