The Way

I was having a conversation with a friend, who is a denomination I will not name specifically but who believe they are the truth and only organization on earth who God is using to teach. I am not part of that denomination, yet I do agree with many of their teachings. With that said, the following post is for all who find themselves in a situation in life where a individual, a organization, friends, parents or anyone is imposing their beliefs upon you in a attempt to convince you their way is the right way and yours is the wrong.

[name changed for privacy]

“I know this Mark, that you may feel certain, believe completely and wholeheartedly in the manner in which you do, and me as well strongly wholeheartedly believing in the way I do and both may have their opposing elements of contrast, but when Jesus does finally arrive, he can show us both where we each were wrong and opposed to each other. He then can unveil from our eyes, that which we stubbornly would not, enabling us both to clearly see, that the whole time he was helping us both; to teach and to encourage. It is within his power and authority to unify us both in the same family and then show us all the things we thought were so important: the things we stood there for.. spending countless of hours debating over, feeling convicted for, absolutely certain of, that it had to be this way, that there was no other way, that these things were not important at all and what was truly important we both held, believed, and shared; therefore, finding ourselves standing before Christ himself in a unified harmonious family which he himself has reconciled together. Just like he has done before between Jew and Gentile.”

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