Learning How To Pray

“It’s not what you say, it’s who you say it with- Jesus Christ.”

If Only

Dallas Cowboys Game Night

If only the fans of Christ brought the same energy they bring to NFL football games with them every time they came to Church, it would revolutionize THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS.

If only we would “drive to arrive” at Church with the same explosive power as when service is over.

I’ve never seen a parking lot so full be emptied so quickly.

If only we were willing to spend the same amount of money on the congregation of God, that we do when attending a single NFL game, then our churches wouldn’t be in shambles and our FAITH wouldn’t be the equivalent to NOTHING BUT FIELD GOALS.

Did somebody say ‘Hail Mary?!’

Instead Of Pulling The Brake, I Stepped On The Pedal Harder

Saturday Sept 6th, 2022

I want to take a moment this evening to stop and publicly say-

“Thank You to Our Heavenly Father.”

Thank you Father for every single time that you have deliberately made it impossible for me to get ‘my way’.

I kept on and on, unmoved, rebellious, and DEAD set on getting what I wanted- to intoxicate myself with the pleasures of the world. The very ones you command me to avoid. The ones you tell me to “RUN AWAY FROM SON”, in order to help me…as any loving Father does for his son.

The worst part about it was…the entire time I could hear, see, and feel your counsel as it continued tapping me, reminding me every inch and step of the way… ‘turn around my Son’.

Yet instead of listening to YOU, I chose to listen to what I wanted. Instead of turning around, I pressed on the gas pedal harder. The faster I went, the more my spirit cried for me to do THE RIGHT THING.

Instead of opening my ears, I numbed them so I didn’t have to hear, see, nor feel YOUR PRESENCE..

Such an awful thing to arrive at such a broken place of existence, no longer wanting to hear THE VOICE OF HIS LOVING FATHER.

Such an awful thing as this: Our hearts expectantly wait…..ready to explode with showers of joy -the precise moment we hear the four legged gallop of our best friend barreling toward us…the very second he hears our voice call his name. The experience is one of the most beautiful on Earth, because it is real, it is Eternal, and it transcends all other things…by lifting us high up and above all our difficulties and problems, as we smile from ear to ear…. “I love you Bubba! “

Suddenly turned tragedy, “I open the back door and call but Bubba don’t answer anymore.”

“Is he in the backyard? “

“Are you sure he is?”

“Yes. I am sure. Go take a look for yourself. “

“Bubba..come here boy…..Bubba…here boy…I got your favorite tooooooyyyyy! ”

“I hear you, but that doesn’t mean I have to go running… not anymore.

“You see, what I mean. I told you.”

“Is he sick? ”

“Nope, the vet gave him a clean bill of health two days ago. He isn’t deaf. He isn’t blind. He isn’t sick. He doesn’t have parvo.”

“Well then, WTF!”

“So he’s just ignoring you? “.

“Yeah, I think so. It breaks my heart. But you know what dude….now I understand what I’ve been doing to God all this time…how inhumane.”

“I feel horrible…like I’ shoulda been put down by the Human Society a long time ago…but here I am…… still ticking away.”

Forgive me Father, for every single time I have done this. Forgive us all, who are guilty of this.

If it had not been for Your Mercy, Love, and Kindness – I wouldn’t of stopped. And the truth is- the moments I am referring to, I in fact did NOT stop.

I WAS stopped. My plans to do evil, FAILED!

Thank you for placing the stopping blocks, orders, and every other avenue used to stop my plans right in their tracks.

Thank you for hearing the prayers of those who were on their knees petitioning your sovereign hand to help me.

Thank you, your Son, and Your Holy Spirit for always guiding me to do the right thing. This is why YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF MY HEART, SOUL, AND LIFE, this is the adornment of your majestic eternal beauty.

For all of eternity!

As me and my fellow brothers like to say:



Biblical Truth

“It doesn’t matter how intelligent a man speaks, writes, how he may dress or sound… if upon meeting him… I am able to determine he does not believe in God’s Word- The Living Bible-

It speaks LOUDER than any words the man could ever say- WHAT A FOOL I AM.” ~Benmadley777

Photos: That’s my Living Bible, with the original green hard cover removed and replaced with a soft cover from Sara Young’s Jesus Calling

Ferns and Urns

Ferns and Urns by Priscilla Van Sutphin

“The more we talk to Nature, the more it will talk back.” ~Benmadley777


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